G1 – Chapter 07 – Work and Working Out

Welcome back! When we left Olivia she had a great conversation with Zoe and her friends. She confessed her attraction to Sam to Zoe.  Olivia was determined to get her life started in Oasis Springs.

07-16-16_8-03-57 PM

Olivia walked over to her land and no packages had been delivered yet so she took the bus to Willow Creek and stopped off at the library to read more about becoming a writer and the steps an author needs to take to get published.

07-16-16_9-15-51 PM

She checked her email on the library computer and read a response from the Walrus book store to stop in for an interview.  She was thrilled and called the number in the email.

“When can you stop by for an interview?”

“Well, I’m free right now,” Olivia replied.

“Sure, stop over I have 20 minutes before my next appointment!”

Olivia walked into the book store and waved at Gavin.  He directed her in the back office where she met Landon Reed.

“Hi there,” Landon reached out to shake her hand.

“Hi, thanks for seeing me!”

“Well, honestly this is just a formality.  I’m impressed that Gavin put in a good word for you.  He works in our blogging department right now.  Here’s the situation, I need an assistant.  The pay isn’t great, and you’ll be working on Sundays for a while.  But I can offer you $200 per day to start.”

“Well, honestly Mr. Reed,” Olivia began.

“Call me Landon,”

“Ok, Landon,” Olivia smiled. “I probably shouldn’t come off this desperate, but I really need a job and I’m an aspiring writer so I can think of nowhere else I’d like to work!”

“Well, fantastic! You start tomorrow then, I’d let you start now but I’m going to be out visiting editors and authors today.  Enjoy your last day of freedom!” Landon smiled and showed her out.

Olivia gave a thumbs up to Gavin as she left and he smiled.

Olivia was walking on air and figured she should go tell Zoe and get a workout in while she was there.

07-15-16_8-22-00 PM

“That’s fantastic ‘Liv!”

“I know right!  Mr. Reed, or Landon rather, is great.  He seems super down to business but I am really excited to learn from him.  It will also be great to see Gavin regularly too.”

“Well, I have to take care of some registrations Liv.  Go see Angel on the gym floor.  He’s one of our trainers and he can work you out today and really give you a better idea of what membership here will mean.  I can probably even get you the family discount ‘Sis’.”

Olivia hugged Zoe, “I’m so grateful to you.  Thank you again.”

Zoe just laughed and waved her on. “Get changed!”

07-16-16_10-02-27 PM

Olivia talked to Angel letting him know that Zoe sent her over.  She felt a little flustered at first because from the back she thought Angel may have been Sam.  They wore their hair the same way and both had broad shoulders.

“Ok, let’s see where your cardio is right now.  Let’s get you up on this treadmill.  Let’s start off easy at 6.0 miles per hour.”

“How about 5.0,” Olivia looked warily at the treadmill.

“It will only be for 60 seconds.  Let’s just see where you are,” Angel insisted.

Angel was a tough trainer but knew his job.  He put Olivia through the paces testing her cardio, endurance, flexibility and strength.  She was a dripping mess by the end of the fitness assessment.

07-16-16_9-58-12 PM

“Good work today kid,” Angel smiled.  “I hope to see you in here too.  Nothing like keeping yourself in shape!”

“Thanks for your help today Angel.  It was nice meeting you,” Olivia tried to not look too sore as she made her way back to the ladies locker room.

When she was finally done she showered and took the bus back to Oasis Springs and walked to her property.  There were too large packages waiting near her mailbox.  She opened up the larger and saw a note from her mom at the top.

Dear Olivia,

Your Dad and I hope these things find you well.  We stocked the cooler with granola and some cereal boxes.  You’ll have to get ice and a few perishables.  

We hope you reconsider and return home.  The house is so quiet without you.  We love and miss you.

Mom & Dad

Olivia looked through both boxes and the cooler and saw that there were several neatly lined up boxes of granola and cereal.  There were also a few extra bottles of shampoo and body wash.  She couldn’t help but smile at her mom’s thoughtfulness.

As the last of the daylight faded, Olivia got the tent set up and the little camp chair her dad undoubtedly put in the box.

07-16-16_7-28-01 PM

She smiled at her little home and texted Zoe that she wouldn’t need to stay tonight.

Olivia: Tent setup finally, I won’t need to stay

Zoe: Welcome home ♥

The End Chapter 7

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