G1 – Chapter 11 – All of Me

“I just don’t know Zoe.  We’ve been dating for a few months now.  How long did you wait with Dean?” Olivia asked her friend while they were working out.  (Zoe did end up getting Olivia the family discount!)


“Ummm like a week?” Zoe laughed.  “Just do it already, Sam’s already taking so many cold showers he’s turning into a jelly fish!”

“Well, I want it to be special…and romantic.” Olivia’s eyes got a soft romantic look to them.

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G1 – Chapter 10 – This Kiss

Olivia had the day off from Walrus books and met Zoe outside the gym before Zoe had to be to work.

“Ack!! Sam asked me to be his girlfriend last night!” Olivia couldn’t contain herself.

07-16-16_7-47-38 PM

“O. M. G!!” Zoe hugged her friend.

“I know! I’m so happy right now.  I have a great job, great friends, and now a smart, funny, and handsome boyfriend too!  I love Oasis Springs!”

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G1 – Chapter 9 – The Morning After

Olivia woke up with her head splitting and feeling pretty out of it.  She realized she was in Zoe’s room again.  She grabbed her phone from the night stand to check the time.  She didn’t want to be late for work!  She couldn’t remember much from last night after the dancing.  She thought she had some selfies of her and Sam though.  She scrolled through her photos and sure enough, there was an adorable one of the two of them.


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G1 – Chapter 8 – Is it a Date if it’s Dinner for 7?

‘Camping wasn’t too bad actually,’ Olivia thought as she woke.  She was glad she had made a trip to the market and stocked her cooler with ice and a few things like yogurt, milk and juice.


Olivia was starting her new job today and wanted to get to the gym to get a shower and tidy up before heading to her new office.  She was sore from Angel’s workout the day before but it was a pleasant ache that reminded her that she’d done something different.

She’d finished getting ready for work and as she was leaving the gym she saw Sam walking toward the entrance.

“Olivia! Hey there!” Sam smiled.

“Hey Sam!”

“Zoe said you got your camping gear all set up huh?  I  haven’t been camping in years.”

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G1 – Chapter 7 – Work and Working Out

Welcome back! When we left Olivia she had a great conversation with Zoe and her friends. She confessed her attraction to Sam to Zoe.  Olivia was determined to get her life started in Oasis Springs.

07-16-16_8-03-57 PM

Olivia walked over to her land and no packages had been delivered yet so she took the bus to Willow Creek and stopped off at the library to read more about becoming a writer and the steps an author needs to take to get published.

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G1 – Chapter 6 – A Brand New Day

07-15-16_7-49-46 PM

Olivia woke the next morning and quickly dressed and got herself presentable.  When she walked out into the living room, she only saw Zoe and Dean.  The rest didn’t appear to be around.

“Morning Olivia,” Zoe called from the kitchen.  “Make yourself at home, there is cereal, yogurt, coffee, juice etc in the fridge.  I think J made some eggs too that could still be in there!”

“Great Zoe, thanks.  I’ll grab a yogurt.”

Olivia joined Zoe in the living room where Dean was watching the morning news.  Gavin stumbled out of his room and joined them.

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Big weekend and a lot of new chapters!

cshanerAvijpgWelcome back to The Delaney Family Legacy!  I have a large update today as I did quite a bit of writing and screen-shotting (is that a word?) over the weekend!  I’m actually up to chapter 13 in my drafts and will likely finish up to chapter 15 today.

I also changed my avatar on the site for my Author’s comments.  This one looks a bit closer to the real me.

The story has taken a bit more of a slow start than I had imagined, however I really wanted to take the time to explore these characters and try to demonstrate their thoughts, motivations and emotions.  My original thought for each generation would be around 10 chapters.  However, it’s looking more like probably 20 for generation 1.

So, please enjoy getting to know Olivia and what she’s done so far in Oasis Springs!

G1 – Chapter 2 – Meeting New People – Olivia explores her new town a bit and meets a few new people!

TitleCh2 - 07-15-16_9-38-44 PM

G1 – Chapter 3 – Getting down to Business – Olivia gets started on looking for a career and meets someone who may end up being her BFF!


G1 – Chapter 4 – Such a Small World! – Olivia takes Zoe up on her offer to stay overnight.  She gets to meet Zoe’s boyfriend and her other roommates.


G1 – Chapter 5 – Funny Seeing You Again so Soon! – Olivia gets to see Sam again and has a great first night in Oasis Springs making new friends and learning a lot about sports!


Until next time!  Enjoy getting to know our founder Olivia Delaney and her friends!

*As always – constructive feedback is always welcome, I do moderate all comments though so it may take a bit of time for your comment to display.  As a note, if you would like your legacy included in my links leave that along with your feedback.

G1 – Chapter 1 – Not as Advertised

07-15-16_6-38-51 PM

Olivia Delaney looked out across the broad expanse of land and wondered not for the first time, what would possess her to move to Oasis Springs with nothing more than some clothes in a backpack and the deed to what turned out to be a barren field in her hand.

Sure the brochure on the realtor website made it sound as if this were heaven on earth, but looking around at the arid land, the cactus and brush, she couldn’t help but think this may have been a mistake.  Never again would she search for property online and purchase sight unseen.  She had left her family, a few friends, and menial job she’d had to become sole owner of a big plot of land in this up and coming desert town.

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Welcome to The Delaney Family Legacy – A Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Blog

cshanerAvijpgThis Legacy Challenge blog will document the life and times of The Delaney family as it progresses through the generations.  Newest chapters will always be at the top.  Any author notes about the story or this blog site will always be accompanied by my Sim Avatar picture.  Please enjoy this journey of through this families life and trials!  Begin the The Legacy.

The rating on this blog will be PG-13 for the first 20 or so chapters.  After that, the story moves into much darker territory including but not limited to harsh language, adult situations, substance abuse, brutality and criminal actions.  At that time, the rating will be raised to NC-17 and strong caution is advised if you are sensitive to mature themes.  Please enjoy the story.

Welcome to the Delaney Family Legacy

Sims4Logo2This is a blog to track the 10 generation challenge of the Delaney Family Legacy.  The legacy challenge was created by Pinstar way back for the Sims 2!  In August of 2014 he revised the rules for the soon to be released Sims 4!

To quote from Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge Rules page:

The Legacy Challenge is a set of self-imposed rules meant to change the way you play the game of The Sims 4. By abiding by the restrictions of the challenge and reaching for the goals of the challenge, you will find yourself getting a very different experience from The Sims 4 that you might have playing casually. The Legacy Challenge tasks you with creating a single founder Sim moving them in to a giant lot, and starting out in abject poverty. Your founder must build their house, build their wealth, and ultimately bring in the second generation to continue when they die. In this challenge you play a single family for 10 full generations. With less control over how your children turn out and more challenges thrown your way, the challenge asks the very important question. “What kind of Legacy will you leave?”

My Legacy Challenge begins with Olivia Delaney our founder and will continue documenting the rest of the Delaney’s as they grow and flourish (or not…) in the small town of Oasis Springs.

Please use the pages links in the right side bar to navigate to the story!  I will also have a blogroll link to stories I have read and enjoyed.  If you like my story and want me to link to yours, leave a comment.

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