G1 – Chapter 06 – A Brand New Day

Welcome back! When we left Olivia she had just spent the night at Zoe Patel and her roommate’s house.  She had just ended a very full day and was feeling that life couldn’t be much better.

07-15-16_7-49-46 PM

Olivia woke the next morning and quickly dressed and got herself presentable.  When she walked out into the living room, she only saw Zoe and Dean.  The rest didn’t appear to be around.

“Morning Olivia,” Zoe called from the kitchen.  “Make yourself at home, there is cereal, yogurt, coffee, juice etc in the fridge.  I think J made some eggs too that could still be in there!”

“Great Zoe, thanks.  I’ll grab a yogurt.”

Olivia joined Zoe in the living room where Dean was watching the morning news.  Gavin stumbled out of his room and joined them.

“Morning Olivia,” Gavin said through a yawn. “I’ll let my boss know about your resume when I get to work today.”

07-16-16_8-02-39 PM

“That’s great Gavin.  I’m so grateful to all of you!”

Olivia wanted to play it cool but just couldn’t stop herself from asking the question.

“So, where is everyone else this morning?”

07-16-16_8-03-05 PM

“J is out for a run and both Sam and Mitchell went to work already,” Dean replied. “Which is where I have to go if I’m going that is,” he glanced at Zoe and winked.

“Where do they work?”

“Mitchell works at the restaurant as a line cook in Willow Creek. Sam works for the techie company.  He’s in Quality Assurance.  His company seems great, Sam actually gets to spend a good part of his day playing video games,” Dean explained.  “Well, I better jet or I’ll be late.”  He stopped to kiss Zoe a bit more passionately than was appropriate with other people around.  She laughed and pushed him away.

“Get outta here or you’ll be late!”

“Well, I better shower and get outta here too,” Gavin said.

The two girls were left alone and Zoe grinned at Olivia.  “You like Sam don’t you.”

07-16-16_8-03-57 PM

“What’s not to like?  Tall, dark, handsome, smart, funny…Shall I continue?” Olivia laughed, her face starting to heat up.

“Nope.  I date his brother.  I know exactly what you see in him!”

“Thanks again for letting me crash here Zoe.  I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to not have to spend my last few simoleans on a hotel room last night.”

“Oh, no problem Sista.  You can stay here tonight too if you like.  I think the guys would be ok with one more night of “bro time” on the couch!”

“I’ll call you later and let you know how I make out today.  I’m determined to get that tent set up and begin my life on my land.  I’m headed over to see if that stuff arrived yet.  I may head to the gym too and get my money’s worth on that free trial.”

“Ok, I’ll probably see you there then.  I have a shift today.”

The End Chapter 6

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