Welcome to the Delaney Family Legacy


As of November 16, 2016 – the Delaney Family is on Indefinite Hiatus.  Please read the blog update here for all the reasons:  Delaney Family Legacy – Indefinite Hiatus

This Legacy Challenge blog will document the life and times of The Delaney Family as it progresses through the generations.

My challenge will include the following Legacy Succession Laws:

  • Gender Law – Strict Equality meaning because my founder is female, the second generation heir will have to be male, third generation heir will have to be female, etc.
  • Bloodline Law – StrictTraditional meaning all heirs must be natural born children who can trace their linage back to the founder.
  • Heir Law – First Born of the correct gender.
  • Species Law – Xenophobic – Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder.

Warning: The rating on this blog will be PG-13 for the first 20 or so chapters.  After that, the story moves into darker territory including but not limited to harsh language, adult situations, substance abuse, brutality and criminal actions.

At that time, the rating will be raised to NC-17 and strong caution is advised if you are sensitive to mature themes.