G02: 11 – Seize Your Dreams?

“Hey Teagan! What’s up?” Caleb’s heart was pounding, but he was pretty sure he sounded cool and confident.


“Hey handsome! Nothing, what’s up with you?”

“Not too much…so I was wondering,” he began casually, “that band you love is going to be playing over at the Rattlesnake tomorrow night. Interested?”

“Holy shit!! You’ve got to be joking! I heard they were going on tour, but I had no clue they would be coming here!  Are you sure?” Teagan gushed excitedly.

Caleb chuckled, this was going so much better than he’d even hoped. “Well, yeah, I saw a flyer and actually paid for two tickets online already. I figured you may want to go with me since you like them so much.  I thought if not, I could maybe ask Jayce or something.  If you’re not sure you want to go that’s fine,”  His heart was in his throat for a moment.


“No! No! No! I’d love to go with you,” She sounded frantic. “I just wonder why it wasn’t on their website when I checked it out over the weekend, that’s all!”

“Hmmm, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s not really public since it’s pre-tour or something.” Caleb speculated. He was barely giving that any thought. He was so excited she’d said yes!


“…get to see Lucas Rosebrook in person!  I’m dying!” Teagan was still talking excitedly. “I cannot wait to tell my friends on the fan site that I’m going to see Epileptic Lullaby!”

Caleb smiled. He was so glad he’d thought of this. “Ok  I’ll get my Dad’s car and pick you up tomorrow. Maybe we can grab a bite after the show?”

“Sure! See you tomorrow night!”



Caleb’s palms were sweaty when he walked up to Teagan’s door before the concert. “Whoa! You look … Wow!” he did a double take when he saw her.


She always looked so … Teagan.

“Well, hey yourself handsome,” Teagan smiled. “Oh my gosh! I cannot wait to see them. I hope they play that new song that Florian wrote for his Fiancé.”


Caleb had no clue about the band’s songs. He just knew that Teagan couldn’t stop talking about them. Her fan girl gushing had been especially epic when the band had released their newest single on iTunes several weeks back.

“Oh! I checked the band’s website and there was no mention of them having a stop in the States. I wonder if because it’s just in that little dive here in Oasis Springs if it’s like you said and maybe a pre-tour gig. Ooooh! O. M. G. !  What if I got to meet them backstage after the show or something!” Teagan was practically buzzing with excitement.




“ID,” the bouncer at the door said gruffly. They each showed their student ID and got their yellow wrist band indicating no alcohol.  Teagan grabbed Caleb’s hand excitedly and practically dragged him inside the venue. She was already craning her neck to see if the band was warming up.


“I hope I get to meet them!” Teagan said as the door closed behind them.




“Hey, don’t worry about it, I get it.” Teagan reassured Caleb for what was probably the 10th time since they had left the bar.


“Well, Epileptic…Seize Your…Seizure?  Yeah, I didn’t realize it was a tribute band. Sorry Teagan.”


“Listen, stop apologizing nerd! Like I said, one of these days I’ll get over to Europe if they don’t come here to the States before hand,” Teagan smiled gently, but obvious disappointment still showed on her face.

Caleb felt so awful. He’d totally blew it. Seize Your Dreams was a tribute band of Epileptic Lullaby. “I should have realized when you were talking about them gearing up to go on tour in Europe that if they did come here, they would have made a bigger deal about it.”


“Yeah, they’d want to promote I bet to gather more of a US fan base I would guess,” she said thoughtfully. “Hey, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t worry about it. I can even see because of the similarities in the name …” she trailed off.


“Well, thanks for letting me off the hook on this one Teagan. Hey yeah, for all I knew, Seize Your Dreams may have been their promotion company or something!” Caleb tried to find a way out of taking the blame for this huge error and disappointing Teagan so dreadfully.

“…and you know they weren’t that bad,” Teagan was rattling on. “If they decided to do their own originals I bet they could even become something themselves. Tribute bands always seemed like hacks to me. You have all this talent, why try to be someone else? ”


Caleb nodded but didn’t comment. He hadn’t really even heard the music tonight. Once the band came on the small stage and Teagan realized that it was a cover band, her look of disappointment had just about crushed him.

“At least I have this picture with the band to remember the night by!” Teagan said glancing at the picture on her phone.


The guitarist, John had grabbed her around the waist right as the picture was taken.


Caleb couldn’t wait for this night to end. He had really messed this up. Thank goodness she hadn’t made any connection that this had been a trial date for the two of them. He was even able to laugh off paying for their meal as a way to make up for the concert.


So much for dating Teagan,’ he he thought as they left the restaurant.  He was even more firmly in the friend zone after this debacle.



A/N – Huge thank you to Citizenerased14 who let me borrow her sims from Ashes to Ashes for the Seize Your Dreams tribute band.  They are her sims Lucas, Florian, Mia and David.  In my story these characters are John (Lucas), Ben (Florian), Jacob (David), and Tina (Mia).  They are a tribute band for Epileptic Lullaby, Teagan’s favorite band!  Seize Your Dreams worked very hard to perfect copying Epileptic Lullaby’s image.  Unfortunately, Ben, the keyboard player couldn’t get his hair and clothing exactly like Florian’s! 🙂

The End G02: 11

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5 thoughts on “G02: 11 – Seize Your Dreams?

  1. Awww poor Caleb. 🙂 In the future, I’m sure Teagan will look back on this night without the disappointment she feels now. I totally understand where Caleb is coming from. Things can be so awkward in the beginning of a relationship. This was just an honest mistake that he shouldn’t be so hard on himself about. 🙂 Lovely chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for saying so. I know Caleb appreciates what you’re getting at, he’s just feeling like the evening he’d hoped for came out all wrong. Thank you so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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