G1 – Chapter 20 – Growing Up

“Oh My Gawwd!!!  MOTHERRRR!” Camryn yelled from her room.

07-28-16_9-33-34 PM

“What!” Olivia shouted from her room as she rummaged through her drawer for a pair of socks without a hole in the toe. “My kingdom for socks!” she muttered as she went to find out why her teenage daughter’s hair was apparently on fire.

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G1 – Chapter 18 – Blog Excerpts

The following are excerpts from Olivia’s personal blog

Sam and I are so excited for this next chapter in our lives to begin. We are having trouble thinking of names for the baby. We are both convinced the baby will be a boy though. I sorta had that feeling when the first words out of Sam’s mouth after I shared the news were, “Can I feel him yet?”

I am certain we’re going to be such good parents.07-16-16_11-57-23 PM

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G1 – Chapter 17 – Love Only You

“‘Liv, we need to talk.  I want you to know what’s going on lately.”  Sam sat down on the desk chair and pulled it close to the lounger that Olivia’s job had provided when they found out she was pregnant.  Her boss, Landon Reed knew that the young couple was struggling and wanted Olivia to be as comfortable as possible during and after the pregnancy.

08-11-16_7-30-50 PM

“Ugh…I’m just so ready to pop!”  Olivia rubbed her rather large belly.

“Won’t be long now until he gets here!” Sam smiled warmly.

“So what’s up Babe?” Olivia asked.

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G1 – Chapter 15 – Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too

Sam took Olivia out to their favorite comedy lounge to celebrate the big news.  Of course they dressed up for the occasion, though Olivia’s clothing was definitely fitting a bit more snug these days.

“Two club sodas please,” He asked the bartender.

“‘Liv, I am so thrilled about our pending family and I love you madly.” Sam began.


Sam took her hands and stood up.

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G1 – Chapter 14 – Addition?

The couple’s new place was cozy but it didn’t allow for a lot of frills.  Moving in day had actually been pretty easy considering they only had a few possessions.  Olivia’s job had loaned her a computer now that she had electricity.  This way she could keep up with up to the minute blogging.  She had indeed received that promotion to blogger when Gavin went to work at the Willow Creek branch.  Olivia loved her new job.  The computer was also great for Sam with furthering his programming career.

“Olivia, I think we need a bit more furniture,” Sam said.


“Sure Hon, we can see what will fit and possibly stop by the consignment shop after work and see if they have any thing we can use.”

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G1 – Chapter 13 – Our Little Piece of the World

“Sam, I have a meeting with the contractors again today.  I know we have a tight budget, but I’d love to try and at least get some pretty windows at the front.”  It had been nearly a month since Olivia and Sam had revealed their innermost feelings to one another at the museum.07-16-16_7-38-49 PM

Everything was going to plan.  Sam still disliked roughing it, but he was a good guy so he didn’t complain.  He also loved waking up next to Olivia each morning.  He still spent the occasional night at the Roomies place, but it was getting less frequent.

Sam was working diligently on getting another promotion at his company.  He was making more money and the couple was saving every simolean for the new house.

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G1 – Chapter 12 – Where do we go from Here?

That evening Olivia called Sam and asked him to meet her at the park.  They greeted one another affectionately enough and the awkwardness from that morning seemed to have dissipated a bit.

Olivia sat on the ground and patted near her and invited Sam to cloud gaze with her.  It was something fun the two had done in the past and always seemed romantic and with little expectation.


“So, how was your day?” Olivia began.

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