G02: 14 – Lessons Learned

A lot has happened over this past year since I left the New Life Clinic.  I continued with my monthly therapy sessions with Dr. Conrin of course.  She said it was important for me to have that in depth discussion at least monthly with her.


I also continued going to group therapy once per week.  I went even more often in the beginning if I felt I needed the support.  It’s been really interesting to see people that are in the same position I was and be able to talk to them about what they are going through.


I can offer suggestions too and just reinforce the good habits that the clinic tries to give us.  I usually try to pop over at least once a month now for group sessions.  Dr. Conrin said she could always use an extra pair of hands around there even if I’m not a trained therapist.  I can be like a ‘big sister’ to some of the teens she said.  I told her I would consider her offer.


I’ve been seeing Marcus pretty regularly too.  He and I started dating not long after I left the clinic.  Uncle Dean loves him.  They are both into sports and cars and all that stuff.


Sometimes I tease Marcus that he likes me more for my family. He usually makes me stop thinking that pretty quickly.


Oh, speaking of family, here’s something very interesting!  Mom asked me if I wanted Aunt Zoe to come to my birthday party.  Eighteen you know, it’s a big one!  I said sure, because honestly as angry as I was for a long time, I realize that Zoe really did save my life.

I have gotten so much closer with her over these past several months than I ever was before this process.  She used to have ‘girl’s spa’ days with me and Mom all the time when I was younger, but then we drifted apart during my teen years for obvious reasons.  She’s almost like an older sister to me now and I’m very grateful for having her in my life.


So anyway, the really interesting part is that while at my party, I saw Uncle Dean and Zoe looking at each other like a lot.  Sure enough, they got back together after almost eighteen years apart!  They are going to get married in a few months.  Mom is beside herself with glee as she won’t have to worry about the awkward anymore between Uncle Dean, Aunt Zoe and Dad.


It’s been a tough juggling act for Mom over these years for her best friend and brother in law to be at odds.  I heard Dad telling Mom that Uncle Dean said he really saw who Zoe was through this process with my in patient time.  It made him realize how wrong he’d been.  I’m so glad they reconciled.  Uncle Dean dated here and there throughout the years, but never anyone serious.  Part of me wonders if he was waiting for Zoe.


Caleb’s still seeing Beau.  I cannot imagine what they really have in common honestly but she’s one of my best friends and overall he’s not terrible as brothers go.


It seems to me most of what they have in common revolves around having their hands on each other.


Haha, sorta weird for my best friend to be dating my brother, but I guess they are happy.


I always sorta thought Caleb and Teagan would date.  Perhaps they just weren’t as interested in each other as I’d always thought.


Since graduating high school, I had a pretty big decision to make about what I was going to do with my career.  I had taken those cooking and nutrition classes that Dr. Conrin signed me up for after I left the clinic.  Anyway, we had a tasting at the end of term.  All the big chef’s from the restaurants in the area, Oasis Springs, NewCrest and Willow Creek were all there.


We all made our specialty dish and created a meal experience for the chefs.  The chef/owner of Chez Llama offered me a job in his restaurant immediately following the tasting!  I was so excited.  I don’t think Mom and Dad were thrilled about me staying here and working rather than heading off to an actual culinary school in the city and getting a degree.   I don’t care though, honestly I think getting into a prestigious restaurant is where I’m really going to learn.


What else can I tell you?  Mom’s been doing book signings over in NewCrest.  Her latest novel is flying off the shelves.  She’s thinking the publishers are going to send her on a book tour here before too much longer.  I know her career was slowed down by Carter coming along, but I know Mom and Dad are really happy.


Speaking of Carter, he’s toddling around here getting into all sorts of trouble.  I’m sure it won’t be too much longer that he’ll be heading off to school and making friends too.  I hope he gives Mom and Dad an easier time than I did…but hey, lesson’s learned right?


The End G02: 14

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6 thoughts on “G02: 14 – Lessons Learned

  1. I really enjoyed this chapter. It kind of wrapped up how Cam is doing (and I’m so happy for her!). I think her career is going to really take off and I’m so pleased she found her niche. I’m really glad she’s okay with Beau and Caleb dating, too. They look cute together. (I wonder how Teagan is? :D) Anyway, it’s also really cool about Zoe and Dean finding each other again after so long apart. This was very pleasant and made me really happy to read. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you sooo soooo much for reading!!! I actually have three chapters written after this one but I felt this was a really solid place to leave it for now. I just lost the head space for these characters after my hard drive failure and I lost all my saves. I also really dislike cheating. I may use some of these elements in another story in the future!! Thanks again for reading and commenting. I adore you took the time to do so!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is a really good spot for stopping until you figure out what you want to do. That must have really sucked 😦 I knew how I feel after losing a couple hours of progress, I couldn’t imagine losing everything. You could do that, and tie it in somehow to this legacy. I really enjoyed reading! I’ll have to get to your orphan story one day, too 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooooh my Orphans are done in 20 chapters total. It’s a short read and my first ever completed SimLit. I’m so proud of that!! It’s game driven to start but completely is plot driven from chapter 5’ish on!! Thanks so much for reading my Delaney’s. It means the world to me!

        Liked by 1 person

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