G1 – Chapter 08 – Is it a Date if it’s Dinner for 7?

Welcome Back!  Olivia’s finally gotten her camping equipment all setup and she’s stayed her first night on her new property.  She got a job and has made some friends in Oasis Creek.

07-16-16_7-28-01 PM

‘Camping wasn’t too bad actually,’ Olivia thought as she woke.  She was glad she had made a trip to the market and stocked her cooler with ice and a few things like yogurt, milk and juice.


Olivia was starting her new job today and wanted to get to the gym to get a shower and tidy up before heading to her new office.  She was sore from Angel’s workout the day before but it was a pleasant ache that reminded her that she’d done something different.

She’d finished getting ready for work and as she was leaving the gym she saw Sam walking toward the entrance.

“Olivia! Hey there!” Sam smiled.

“Hey Sam!”

“Zoe said you got your camping gear all set up huh?  I  haven’t been camping in years.”

“Yep, my parents shipped some of our gear out to me and I feel like a home owner.  Well, if your home comes with collapsible supports and stakes into the ground that is…”

“That’s great! Look, I want to get my workout in before I head to the office, but you could stop by the house tonight for dinner.  I know the gang would love to see you!”


“Sure, I’ll text Zoe that I’ll be coming,” Olivia said.  She hoped she sounded casual.  She also wondered if his comment about not having camped in a while was him hinting he may want to camp with her…

“Great!  See you later then Olivia! Have a great first day.”

“Bye Sam.”

The day passed quickly for Olivia.  Learning the ropes and what Landon Reed expected from his assistant.  She got to have lunch with Gavin which was nice.  It really was great to already have a few friends in town.  She also texted Zoe.

Olivia: Sam invited me to dinner!

Zoe: !!!! where?

Olivia: Your house 😦

Zoe: Ugh.  See u tonight ♥

Olivia knocked on the door and heard a cheery “Come in!”  The gang was in the kitchen hanging out at the island.  Gavin had made a whole plate of his grilled sandwiches.  Olivia helped herself.  She was starving.

07-16-16_8-13-21 PM

“Great work today Olivia,” Gavin said.

Sam came into the kitchen and made himself a salad and sat next to Olivia at the bar.

“Hey! Glad you made it over tonight,” Sam smiled.

“Yeah, it was nice of everyone to put up with me again.”

07-16-16_8-10-21 PM

J made some drinks and put them out on the island.  Everyone took a glass and toasted, “To Olivia’s first day and new home!”

Olivia laughed and took a big drink too feeling glad to be part of the fun.  Zoe took limes from the refrigerator and then lined up shot glasses and poured Patron shots for everyone.

“Shots! Shots! Shots!” J chanted.

They all grabbed the shots and downed them.

07-16-16_8-08-17 PM

Sam and Dean were debating the sports game from the previous night while J and Zoe kept the drinks flowing.  A while later, Zoe turned up the music and invited everyone over to dance.  Sam took Olivia by the wrist and pulled her over to dance.

“I love this song!” Olivia said loudly over the music.  She could feel she was getting pretty buzzed.

“Me too!” Zoe shouted.

07-16-16_8-16-41 PM

It was a fun party, lots of dancing, laughter, and plenty of goofing around.

07-16-16_8-16-55 PM


Later after many more drinks, Sam and Olivia were sitting on the couch watching TV.

07-16-16_8-19-15 PM

Olivia felt herself nodding off and slipped down next to Sam with her head resting on his shoulder.

He smiled and said softly, “You’re staying here tonight.”  He gently lifted her up and carried her into Zoe’s room.  He pulled off her shoes, and hat and pulled the coverlet over her.

He went back out to the living room and saw Dean standing there.

07-16-16_8-13-53 PM

“Looks like couch again for us Bro,” Sam smiled at Dean a bit drunkenly.

Zoe called in a slurring voice from the kitchen.  “Sam, just shhleep in there next to her.  Dean and I will just shhleep in Mitchell’s room tonight.  I don’t wanna be without my man tonight.” Zoe looked at Dean with a clear message on her face.

Sam looked surprised.  “You think it’s ok?”

“Shhure, shure!” Zoe smiled knowingly.  “Jusht be a good boy Sammy…”

Sam took off his shoes and his flannel shirt.  Still clad in his jeans and t shirt, he quietly crawled into the other side of Zoe’s bed next to Olivia.  She sighed softly in her sleep.  Sam smiled and enjoyed watching her sleep for a moment before he closed his eyes.


The end Chapter 8

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    • Awww!! I know, I was so happy with Sam. I’m pretty sure in real life I like Jansen (Dean) better than Jared (Sam), but in my game the sims I downloaded I really like Sam’s features a bit better!

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