G1 – Chapter 17 – Love Only You

“‘Liv, we need to talk.  I want you to know what’s going on lately.”  Sam sat down on the desk chair and pulled it close to the lounger that Olivia’s job had provided when they found out she was pregnant.  Her boss, Landon Reed knew that the young couple was struggling and wanted Olivia to be as comfortable as possible during and after the pregnancy.

08-11-16_7-30-50 PM

“Ugh…I’m just so ready to pop!”  Olivia rubbed her rather large belly.

“Won’t be long now until he gets here!” Sam smiled warmly.

“So what’s up Babe?” Olivia asked.

“Ok, so that night we were at the comedy club after our wedding, remember that guy from the gym, Angel, was there?”

“Yeah, I thought he left pretty suddenly.  We were all chatting, when I went to the bar to get another club soda he was gone.”

08-11-16_7-49-23 PM

“Well, yeah, he and I got in an argument.  I blame having too much to drink partially.  But yeah, ‘Liv I’m sorry.  I’m pretty sure he left because I got all macho possessive.”  Sam looked down feeling a bit guilty.

“Oh dear…what did you say to him?”

“Well, there may have been some, ‘She’s my wife now and stop staring at her ass’ type comments.”


Olivia laughed, “You do realize I’m just friends with Angel right?”

“Of course, and like I said, it may have been a bit of the drinks, though honestly ‘Liv, he stares at your ass far too often for my personal comfort.  You know I completely trust you and know where your heart lies, but it was just on my nerves that night.”

Olivia looked into his eyes and said, “You have nothing to worry about Sam Delaney, me and our little one love only you.  I’ll also talk to Angel when I do return to the gym and make sure he knows where my affections remain.”

08-11-16_7-34-19 PM

“Well, that’s another thing.  He came by a few evenings ago while you were at the office.  He was acting really weird and even said things like, ‘If Olivia should choose me over you.’  It honestly made me a bit nervous when he stalked off muttering.  It was like he was a bit obsessed or something.” Sam cleared his throat.

“Well, I’ll certainly be careful when I talk to him next time,” Olivia said.

“Yeah, but just humor me and make sure Zoe or Dean or someone goes with you if you go somewhere.  I just don’t want you alone in your condition.  Besides, you shouldn’t be alone anyway.  You could go into labor at any time.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I won’t be seeing him again until after the baby is born anyway, but yes, I’ll ease your mind and make sure I have someone with me when I go out.”  Olivia wiggled forward on the chair.  “Help me up Love, I need to stretch out on the bed.”

“Oooh, he’s kicking!  Give me your hand Sam.  Feel your son!”

08-11-16_7-38-06 PM

The End Chapter 17

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