G1 – Chapter 18 – Blog Excerpts

The following are excerpts from Olivia’s personal blog

Sam and I are so excited for this next chapter in our lives to begin. We are having trouble thinking of names for the baby. We are both convinced the baby will be a boy though. I sorta had that feeling when the first words out of Sam’s mouth after I shared the news were, “Can I feel him yet?”

I am certain we’re going to be such good parents.07-16-16_11-57-23 PM~~~~~~~~~~

I’ve been “nesting” around the house, getting everything ready for the baby’s arrival. I understand it’s perfectly normal. I really wish we had more room. The baby’s room is going to have to wait until we can get a bit more money. Ah well, at least we’ll be able to get to him quickly for 2 am feedings with him next to us right?odbaby01

Oh! I have the bassinet already thanks to Zoe and some of the girls at the gym throwing me a small baby shower!

08-11-16_8-20-39 PM


They are a riot getting it in pink. Sam was not thrilled with that, but hey, it was a gift, we’re not taking it back.


Oh, I saw Angel after the baby shower at the gym.  It felt a bit awkward, knowing that Sam and Angel had argued.  I could tell Angel wasn’t happy but I’m certain he understood that there was never going to be anything but friendship between us.

08-11-16_8-24-53 PM

Sam and I are starting a family.  My heart belongs to Sam.  In a tiny little part of my heart though, It was a bit weird because part of me could see myself with Angel if I’d met him before I met Sam.  Perhaps I had been too flirty with Angel in the past and had given him the wrong idea.  I am glad we’re still friends though.

08-11-16_8-25-11 PM


Gardening is getting tough. I may have to show Sam how to tend my garden so he can keep up with it for a while after the baby is born.ODPreg01

Strangely I’ve been craving strawberries. Good thing I have some large, juicy ones just about ready to be harvested. Oh! Interestingly, the name Cameron keeps popping in my mind. Maybe he’s trying to give me clues.


Sam and I had our baby!  Of course I was sleeping when I felt my belly cramp up. I honestly wasn’t sure what was going on and went to the bathroom to see if I needed to ‘go’. I thought about taking some Pepto but just then another contraction hit and I finally got the clue he was on his way!


I woke up Sam and let him know what was going on. He was of course as cool and self assured as he always is! (Ha!)ODLabor03

4 AM our Daughter! Yes, Daughter…was born.ODBaby02

Welcome Camryn May Delaney!ODCamryn01



So, I’m worried about Zoe and Dean. Zoe was over chatting with me this morning and she mentioned a bartender she’d flirted with several months ago back at the comedy club where we went to celebrate Sam and I’s marriage.07-16-16_11-39-31 PM

Zoe mentioned how tired she was getting with Dean only half paying attention to her lately and how it was fun to feel flirty and sexy again with someone else. I hope she doesn’t make any dumb mistakes with this bartender. I tried advising her to talk more with Dean about this and schedule more time for just them. I hope she listens and tries to work this out with Dean. It’s got to be really tough with them living with the other three guys.


I’ve been neglecting this blog! Camryn is  growing like a weed. She’s such a bundle of joy.  Sam and I are so happy!  ODCamryn03

It’s tough to get a lot of alone time though right now.  We just don’t have the space.


If nothing else, Sam and I try to get some quality time when Cam is sleeping at least in the morning before work.  We’re working toward getting the contractor back out here for an addition.  Soon…ODFamily01~~~~~~~~~~

Dean and Zoe were over for a while this evening.  Things seem chilly between the two of them.

Dean was is so happy for Sam and his being a father now.  The two really are the best of friends as well as brothers.  I’m so glad Camryn is growing up with loving family all around her.  Now if only Dean and Zoe could come up with a cousin for little Cam!  ODcamryn04

Camryn is toddling around and getting into tons of trouble!  We’ve got outlet covers everywhere.


It’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to blog. I’ve been so busy!  Part of it is because I’m a blogger for my job.  So I don’t often take time after working so hard to chronicle my own life.

Well, I must admit I’m not shocked, but Dean broke up with Zoe.  It’s been almost two years that they seem to have been drifting apart.   Things just haven’t gotten any better.  Sam talked to me once, apparently Dean was starting to notice that Zoe wasn’t home as much.

I didn’t go into any details with Sam about the bartender.  But I’m pretty sure Zoe has continued to see him at least occasionally for a “booty call” after he’d get off work at the comedy club.

She’s been by a few times, she’s still pretty broken up about Dean.ODCheerZoe02

She had  spoken to me about Dean not wanting to get married anymore.  Marriage is just a life sentence he seemed to think.  I hope it’s not mine and Sam’s marriage that made him feel that way.ODCheerZoe04~~~~~~~~~~

Work has been so busy.  I’m working constantly I feel I just don’t have time to do my job as well as keep up with my personal blog too!  I do try to update when I can.

After three years at Walrus Books, I’ve been promoted to Free Lance Writer.  I have begun and published my own stories now!   I’ve even written a few children’s books dedicated to Camryn of course.  I’ve cut back to only 3 days a week now though.  Which is great for time with Camryn and Sam, but I’m working a lot even when I’m home.ODWriting01

Sam’s been working a ton of overtime too in the programming department.  He’s up for the next promotion.  He’ll be an Ace Engineer when a spot on that team opens up.  The manager of that team has already said he’s on his short list for the promotion.

Oh, also pretty sure Sam and I are pregnant again.  Haven’t told him yet.  He’s been so focused on work.


We’ve finally added on to the house.  Sam and Dean actually did a lot of it with help from J, Gavin and Mitchell.  J’s uncle owns a contract company so he was able to help us keep costs down and offered advice.G1House01

The house is just a bit bigger now – we really only added on the extra space for Camryn to finally have her own room.  Until the new baby comes anyway…07-21-16_11-01-12 PM


My little Camryn turns 5 next week.  She’s grown into such a lovely little girl and has such an artistic eye!  She is constantly having me read and re-read her favorite stories and she’ll draw pictures of the characters!CamDrawing02

Oh!! I just realized I haven’t blogged since Caleb Dean was born!  Camryn was a bit jealous at first claiming she never wanted a brother!  She also didn’t like having to share her room at first, but, she’s grown to love being a big sister!Caleb01

Sam is so happy to have a little boy as well as our girl.  Our family is complete now he’s said!

J, who still lives with Dean and the other guys.  (Zoe moved out right after the break up) wanted to know what he could get Camryn for her birthday.  He said she’d mentioned something about a doll house.  She hadn’t told me or Sam that.

I told him Camryn would be delighted with anything, but yes, if she told him a dollhouse than yes, by all means.  Zoe just ignored J.  ODCamryn06Zoe’s still my best friend, but I’m the only one she’ll talk to anymore.  She doesn’t even come by the house.  I asked her if she’d be at Camryn’s party.  I hate to be in the middle of this, but Dean is Camryn’s uncle.  ODCamryn05Zoe just said that she didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.  She’d arrange a girl’s spa day for Camryn, her and me.  I miss the way things used to be.


With Caleb nearly 4, we really needed separate rooms for both kids.  We finally have had enough money to really change things here.  We kept a lot of our same furnishings, but were able to update a bit.07-24-16_1-28-34 PM

The kids both have their own room now.  We’d eventually like to add on to the house and maybe put in a guest room.  But we’re very happy with how the house turned out.

So, from tent living off the grid to a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home.  We are so fortunate!


Caleb Dean Delaney turned 6 today!  He’s growing up to be such a handsome boy just like his Dad!  First day of school on his birthday too!  He wasn’t really happy about it, but I told him we’d have a big party that evening!07-23-16_11-25-47 PM

He torments Camryn still though.  I’ve had to scold him occasionally for being so mean to his sister!

He’s so sweet though when he asks me to read to him.  He always wants my very first book I wrote.  He will sometimes read along with me he knows the story by heart!07-24-16_1-05-12 AM

Happy Birthday my darling Son.  Momma & Daddy love you Caleb!


My baby girl’s 9th birthday.  All she wanted was an easel for her birthday.  We figured she’s still a bit young for that even though she has been decorating our whole house with her art!CamDrawing03

I’ve also given her plenty of new books to read.  She’s read everything in our bookshelf already.

Happy Birthday Camryn May Delaney.  Mom and Dad love you honey!ODCamryn08


The End Chapter 18

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5 thoughts on “G1 – Chapter 18 – Blog Excerpts

  1. Oh no, I feel so sad for Zoe 😦 I didn’t think they would break up. I can absolutely understand that Olivia misses the times as they used to be, with Dean being the brother of Sam and Zoe being Olivia’s best friend, it isn’t easy to balance meetings with both of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly!! Zoe wanted more attention than Dean thought to give and made some choices that were…less than stellar. I also think Dean started thinking more about marriage and got a bit scared of that too. And yes, Dean is Sam’s brother and Camryn’s uncle. It’s a tough balance.

      Liked by 1 person

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