G1 – Chapter 16 – Not Invited

“Ugh…I’m just so big!” Olivia complained a bit to Sam as they got ready to head to the comedy club.

“You are so beautiful Olivia.  Don’t forget that.”  Sam said with his hand on her belly. “Ooooh!  Was that him?” Sam said when he felt a small nudge on his hand.

08-04-16_5-46-02 PM

“Yep, he’s been active all day.” Olivia said smiling down at her belly.

The couple was heading out for an evening with Dean and Zoe.  They were meeting at the comedy club in Oasis Springs.  Zoe wasn’t exactly mad at Olivia, but she wasn’t thrilled that she didn’t get to be Maid of Honor at Olivia and Sam’s wedding.  This evening was a special night for the four of them to celebrate the happy nuptials and also the promise of the future.

The couple arrived to the club just as Dean and Zoe got there.  Olivia immediately went to the bar for a club soda.  She wished she could have a glass of wine…That would have to wait though until after the baby was born.


Dean made his way to the guest performer for the open mic night.  He fancied himself something of a comedian.  Olivia walked up behind him, to watch too but quickly decided sitting was a better option for her.


“I still cannot believe you didn’t have us there for the wedding!” Zoe exclaimed.  “I’m so bummed.  Dean and I could have made excellent Maid of Honor and Best Man!

“I know Zoe, and honestly, I nearly called you to let you know what I was planning, but I started thinking about Dean being Sam’s brother, and that my parents weren’t there, it just didn’t seem fair for some family and not all,” Olivia explained to her dear friend.

“No, I know, I know…” Zoe tried to put on a happy face.

“Zoe, we will absolutely do it up right after the baby comes.  We’ll have the whole vow renewal and invite everyone! Of course there is no one else I’d want for my Maiden, or perhaps Matron by then…” Olivia glanced at Zoe with a smile.

“I seriously hope Dean takes this queue from his younger brother and asks me,” Zoe said with a bit of a hitch in her voice.

“Selfie!” Zoe exclaimed.


“Ugh, I’m enormous, delete that one!”

“Not a chance Sista.  Scrapbook for this one!” Zoe laughed.  “My little nephew or niece’s first picture!”


The evening went on, and the only one who remained sober was Olivia.  Dean was laughing hysterically over the main comedian that came on later.  Zoe was chatting up the young bartender at one point and Sam was hanging out all over.  Dancing between comedic sets, talking to his brother and spending time with Olivia.


“Olivia! Zoe!” a familiar voice called out.

“Oh hey Angel!”

“Hi Angel!”

Angel, the trainer from the gym sat between the girls on the couch.

“Olivia, you know that even in your condition, regular visits to the gym are healthy right?  I haven’t seen you in at least two weeks,” Angel said.  “I miss you!”

“Well, honestly Angel, I just haven’t felt like doing too much of anything other than parking my extremely large posterior on the couch for any length of time,” Olivia laughed.  “I’m even becoming a fan of the sports that we watch occasionally at Zoe’s house!”


“Well, you look amazing,” Angel said almost under his breath.  A bit louder he said, “We’re anxious to get you back at the gym right Zoe?”

“Well, as soon as the baby is born and she’s ready to come back, sure,” Zoe hadn’t missed the comment that Angel made about Olivia’s appearance.

“I’ll be right back guys,” Olivia awkwardly got up and waddled to the ladies room.

“Angel, buddy listen,” Zoe began gently.  “You know Olivia is married now right? It’s not long, but yeah, she’s married to Dean’s brother Sam.”


Angel scowled and Zoe noticed his hands curled into fists.  “Yeah, so? Divorce is a fact of life Zoe.  I know she and I have a connection.  I felt it that very first time I had her in for a fitness eval.”

“Dude,” Zoe was done being nice.  “I’m just saying, as a friend.  Back off.  Olivia is married to my fiance’s brother and I don’t want any tension or turmoil.  Especially now, with Olivia in such a delicate condition.” Zoe finished and got up.  She may have overstated the fiance part, but the rest was perfectly true.

Zoe crossed the room and stood near Dean for a while.  She slid her arm behind him and he absently draped his arm over her shoulder. “Hey Baby,” he whispered.

Zoe saw Sam standing alone and excused herself from Dean, who wasn’t paying a lot of attention anyway as his focus was on the comedian.

“Sam, I’m sure this is nothing,” Zoe began.  “But that guy I work with, Angel, ummm yeah, I think he has a crush on Olivia.  I’m positive that she isn’t even aware, but I wanted you to know.  I’m not really comfortable with the way he has been looking at her and talking with her this evening.”

“Yeah, I have felt that was a growing problem for a little while now,” Sam replied.  “He should know I am her husband though!  We just got married.”


“I’ve seen Angel staring at her ass when ‘Liv’s working out.  Of course I don’t want to make a big deal out of things.  I am confident of where Olivia’s heart lies.  Perhaps I should have a chat with him.  I’ll be over there in a bit Zoe.  I’ll straighten this out.”

Sam confidently crossed the lounge to where Angel was sitting chatting with Zoe about the new equipment that was to be delivered to the gym the next week.

“Hey, Angel.  Can I chat with you a minute privately.” Sam asked.


Angel had a bit of a drunken smile on his face.  “Yeah?”  Angel seemed to be making no move to follow Sam, so he decided to just begin with what he had to say.

“I’m not sure what you’re doing here tonight.  I don’t know if you knew we were coming out here to celebrate with our marriage with our friends, or not.  I honestly don’t care.  What I want you to know is, Olivia Delaney is married.  To me.  Your hipster military jacket or trying to wear you hair similar to how I wear mine, it’s not going to help you buddy.  You aren’t what Olivia is looking for.  I am.  I married her so stop with this puppy dog crush.”


Angel’s glance moved to Olivia who was sitting at the bar unaware of the conversation that was taking place.

“Can we discuss this in the men’s room please?” Angel asked Sam.

“Whatever you want man.  I have really already said what I needed to say.”

The two guys walked to the men’s restroom.

“Come on Sam, I have no clue what you’re talking about.  What I don’t appreciate is you attempting to embarrass me in a bar full of people!”

“It’s easy Angel.  I’ve seen you looking at my wife when she’s in the gym working out.  I see the hunger in your eyes.  She’s mine.  End of story.”


Angel stepped backward as if someone had hit him in the stomach.  In fact, he felt as if his heart shattered a bit at the words, ‘she’s mine.’


“Well, I seriously have no clue what you’re talking about Sam.  Sounds like you’re just barking up the wrong tree.  Maybe you have security issues or something,” Angel sneered.

“Listen Angel.  I’m only saying this once more.  You will not have any further contact with my wife.  I trust her, but there is something weird about you and I don’t trust you near my wife or my unborn baby.  So Back. The.  Fuck.  Off.”  Sam said very slowly and deliberately with a cool low voice.


Angel left the bathroom and immediately left the lounge.  The rest of the gang hung out and laughed and enjoyed themselves through the evening until Olivia could barely keep her eyes open.


A few weeks later Sam was at home on a rare day off.  He heard a knock at the door and stepped outside to find Angel at his door.

“I just want you to know I wasn’t trying to copy your hairstyle.” Angel began.  “I have worn my hair this way before I met you or Olivia.”

“Dude, are you still pissed about that night?” Sam asked. “Get over it.  I’m sorry I over reacted if that makes you feel better.  I was a little drunk that night.”

“You humiliated me…”

“Dude, you were acting very strange and I was just letting you know. I am Olivia’s husband!


“Well, I just want you to know,” Angel said in a low and almost menacing tone. “I absolutely will not be threatened by you.  I will not be intimidated and if Olivia should choose me over you, well that’s her decision.”

“Now, listen to me Angel,” Sam was starting to get a bit annoyed. “I’m not afraid of you in the least.  I actually feel a bit sorry for you most days.”

“Don’t you dare pity me!” Angel roared. “With your designer clothing and your beautiful wife and perfect life.”


“Woah Dude, calm down,” Sam was feeling a bit anxious over Angel’s level of hostility.

Angel was muttering something Sam couldn’t hear as he stomped off to his car and drove away.

‘Gah…what a weirdo.’ Sam thought as he watched Angel pull away.

The End Chapter 16

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