G02: 09 – Making Progress

“So, Conrin wants me to start thinking about all the ways I feel I’m judged by myself, other’s, my peers, pretty much everyone I have contact with,” Camryn said as Beau walked in their room after getting ready for bed.


“Yeah, hmmm, pretty much everyone judges me. They see my black and blue hair, my dark makeup and pale skin. I’m instantly labeled goth and I must of course be either emo or suicidal. Which I’m neither by the way. I just like this look. It suits my mood most of the time. I’m comfortable this way, whether people stare or not.”

“I get that, I hate to admit it, but that first week, I judged you. I judged everyone here. I still judge Sasha.” The girls laughed together.

“How could you not?” Beau asked with hands on hips in an imitation of Sasha’s typical attitude.


“So, I’m done here in three days,” Beau smiled.


“I’ll miss you. I wonder if I’ll get a new roommate or if they’ll let me just go my final 15 days alone. Not that I’m counting or anything.” Camryn smiled back at her friend.

“Are you scared to leave?” Beau asked quietly.

“Yes. I know I messed up. I know that I put my family through a lot and they paid a lot for this clinic for me. I also did a number on myself. I’m scared,” Camryn said softly.


“Me too,” Beau nodded.

“Conrin says we can do it though. And we are still supposed to attend group sessions to help us through.”

“Yeah, so I’ll be seeing you at least a few times a week until you’re out too.”

The girls hugged one another tightly.


“So, you think you may want to try the yoga class tomorrow after school?” Beau asked to lighten the mood.  “You said you may want to try it before you leave,” Beau reminded Camryn.


“I don’t know, it just sorta seems lame. I hate to say that ’cause I know how much you like it,” Camryn explained. “Do you even sweat?”

“Hell yeah you sweat! Also the first several times you do yoga you’ll be so sore the next day you’ll think you did a kettlebell work out!”


“Really? You’re kidding,”

“No, for real. Try it, you’ll be surprised.”

“Ok then. I guess I’ll do it,” Camryn said flatly.


“Well, that’s the spirit.”



Camryn went down breakfast the morning after she and Beau did the yoga class.  She winced as she took her plate to the table she usually shared with Beau and Marcus.

“What’s up Cam?” Marcus looked concerned.


“Ugh, Beau tried to kill me yesterday after school. She made me try yoga since she’s leaving tomorrow. I think she thought she could get away with the murder of her roommate if she left quick enough,” Camryn grimaced as she sat down.

“So Beau’s free tomorrow huh?”


“Apparently. I’m hoping I don’t have to get to know another roommate.”

“So what are you doing this afternoon? I think there is a Walking Dead marathon. We could binge it if you want.” Marcus grimaced. “Oh shit!  I didn’t mean it that way. I’m sorry Camryn.”


Camryn laughed, “Oh my gosh, as if the last two and a half months haven’t taught us not to be afraid of words. I’d love to binge watch the Walking Dead marathon with you Marcus.”


Camryn glanced down at her plate and realized for the first time she hadn’t counted the calories on her plate before putting her fork in her mouth.

Making progress,’ she thought. She glanced at Marcus noticing the strong line of his jaw and his broad shoulders. Today though she wondered if she saw a little something extra in his glance.


The End G02: 09

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A/N – This chapter is fiction and I am not in ANY WAY a medical professional or counselor.  This story is completely a work of fiction and what works for Sim Characters may not work for you or a loved one.  Eating disorders of any kind are extremely serious and dangerous.  If you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder please get help by calling the confidential helpline for National Eating Disorders at 1-800-931-2237.  Or visit the website at nationaleatingdisorders.org


8 thoughts on “G02: 09 – Making Progress

  1. It is really good to see Cam’s progress. She’s making friends and trying new things. Meanwhile, she didn’t even count the calories; she forgot! That’s really great! She seems a lot more accepting and less angry now which will only improve her outlook on things. Great chapter!

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