G1 – Chapter 05 – Funny Seeing You Again so Soon!

Welcome back! Last time, Olivia went with Zoe to her house to stay the night.  Because she didn’t have anywhere else to go, Zoe had invited her to stay to save her from all the “bros” she lived with!  With the chance to see Sam again, Olivia couldn’t refuse.

07-15-16_6-57-31 PM

In her mind Olivia saw Sam turn the corner in slow motion.  Again, like a scene from a book or a movie.  She could almost hear the music swell as their eyes met.  His face lit up in a smile when he saw Olivia.

“Well hello again!  Olivia isn’t it?”

“You two know each other?” Zoe asked.

07-15-16_9-27-11 PM2

“Well, we spent a few hours together at the museum today,” Olivia said.  “I didn’t put two and two together when you mentioned living with a Sam.”   She didn’t think there was any need to let on that she’d more than just put two and two together.  That she’d been hoping that it was the same Sam from the moment Zoe mentioned him.

“Yeah, we had a great time chatting at the museum,” Sam said.  He looked down at the plate of food on the counter.

07-15-16_6-56-13 PM

“Smells great Gavin!” Sam said.  “Hey Olivia, pop over here and try these.  They’re awesome.”  Sam pointed to the little grilled sandwiches on the counter.

“Oh, thanks, but Zoe and I got a bite in Willow Creek near her gym,” Olivia said.

“Ooh, your loss for sure,” Sam said as he picked up two of the sandwiches and tossed them on a plate.

“Come on Olivia, I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping tonight,” Zoe said.

“Great, I’d like to put my backpack down anyway.”

07-16-16_1-25-02 AM

Zoe showed Olivia to a pretty room decorated in pinks with nice decor.  “This is mine and Dean’s room, but I’ll have him rough it on the couch tonight.  I hope you don’t mind sharing a bed with me tonight.”

“Nope, not at all.  It’s so pretty in here!  I’m surprised a rugged guy like Dean doesn’t mind this!”

“Well, he doesn’t love it and wants to redecorate when we have a bit more money.  My opinion though is that every simolean we don’t spend here, we can save to spend when we have our own place.”

“Good idea,” Olivia agreed.

“It’s early, why don’t we go out and get you acquainted with the guys.  Like I said, it’s like a frat house here,” Zoe laughed.

“Sounds great!”

07-15-16_10-49-52 PM

The guys were all gathered around the TV shouting at the players.

“That’s such a bad call!” Dean shouted at the screen.

“Get some glasses Ref!” Mitchell yelled.

Gavin and J were also scowling about the apparent lack of fairness in the game’s officiator.

“So yeah, Dean, you’re going to be roughing it out here with your brother tonight,” Zoe said to Dean.

07-15-16_10-58-10 PM2

“Ok, cool Zo, no problem,”

“No problem for you,” Sam said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean asked.

07-15-16_10-50-18 PM

Sam grinned, “Well, you do have terrible gas sometimes!”

“It’s all just to encourage you to find your own place little brother.”

The group all laughed.

Zoe looked at Olivia and shrugged with a grin and mouthed, ‘Frat house.’

Olivia chuckled and glanced at Sam.  He was so confident and self assured.  He just seemed so relaxed wherever he was.  Especially here with his brother and their friends.  While she didn’t believe in love at first sight, she couldn’t believe that she would feel this incredible range of emotion if there weren’t something bigger than just physical attraction at work.

She still wasn’t thrilled with feeling as if she’d been duped by the real estate ad, but something may be guiding her to this group of people.  Guiding her to Sam.

07-15-16_7-29-08 PM

Zoe popped down on Dean’s lap which only left one space open on the couch near Sam.  She sat next to him and hoped he couldn’t hear her pounding heart.  He smiled at her and asked if she was into the game.

“I’ve never really given it a chance to be honest,” Olivia said.

07-15-16_7-30-05 PM

“Well, I’ll review the basics and the rules with you then.  We’ll have you a raving fan before long!” Sam promised.


07-15-16_7-30-07 PM

During the rest of the game Sam, with occasional comments from the others, gave Olivia all the ins and outs of the game.  She was pretty sure she had the basics down, but some of the finer nuances like fouls and scoring were a bit hazy still.

07-15-16_7-29-22 PM

Sam would occasionally lean close to her to offer further explanations more quietly so their conversation wasn’t a huge distraction to the rest of the group.  It was really one of the better nights of Olivia’s life.

07-15-16_7-30-12 PM

Just sitting with this group of friends and feeling like part of the group.

07-15-16_7-49-46 PM

When she went to sleep that night, she couldn’t help but think she made the right choice moving to Oasis Springs.

The End Chapter 5

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