G1 – Chapter 04 – Such a Small World!

Welcome back! Last time, Olivia had spent some time getting acquainted with Zoe, who was a fitness coach at the gym in Willow Creek.  She took full advantage of the 7 day free trial membership and was able to use the showers as well!  Zoe promised Olivia a chat after their workout.

07-15-16_8-34-52 PM

Olivia and Zoe walked over to the pub on the corner and she cheerfully prattled on about Oasis Springs, some of the rumors about some of the people in town and the two ladies had a fun time.  Olivia did notice little things, like Zoe tripping on what appeared to be nothing, but really liked her fun nature and that she seemed super friendly.

07-15-16_10-20-11 PM

She also explained though Oasis Springs had a gym, that this Willow Creek gym and their clientele were just a bit more her style and she liked the amenities better here.

07-15-16_10-20-46 PM

“So yeah, my boyfriend’s brother just started crashing with us,” Zoe continued on about her current household.  “Sam’s great, but that makes 6 of us living in this small house!”

07-15-16_9-06-59 PM2

“Excuse me, did you say Sam?” Olivia felt her face flush a bit.  Could it be the same guy?

07-15-16_9-23-11 PM2

“Yep, he’s such a computer nerd though!” Zoe laughed.  “I think he spends most of his day on the computer playing games or writing little programs.

07-15-16_9-08-15 PM2

I cannot wait for Dean and I to eventually get married and get a place of our own.  Living with 5 guys can be a bit of a challenge!  Dean loves it, he’s such a “bro”!  It seriously can be such a frat house in our place sometimes. 

07-15-16_10-49-52 PM2

Hey! You should come over sometime and save me from all these guys!”

“Oooh, I’d absolutely love to see your house and meet your roommates.”

“Well, how about now! Didn’t you say you didn’t have anywhere to go until your stuff arrives tomorrow?”

“Yep, I’d love to Zoe.  I’d love to hang out with you and your roomies tonight!”  Could she be so lucky as to see Sam twice in one day!?  Olivia’s heart was racing as the ladies hopped in Zoe’s car and drove to her house.

07-15-16_10-28-55 PM

“Hey guys! I’m home.  I brought a new friend with me too!”  Zoe pointed around at the guys all in the middle of various activities.

07-15-16_6-45-39 PM

“That’s Mitchell,” she pointed to a heavy set guy lounging on the couch watching sports.
“Over there in the kitchen is Gavin,” she pointed to a snappy dressed guy wearing glasses putting out some food on the counter.

07-15-16_6-59-19 PM

“Oh hey, Gavin, Olivia here is an aspiring writer.  She just submitted her resume about that writer’s assistant job the book store had the ad for.  Put in a good word for her ok?”

“Sure Zo…” Gavin said as he made his way over to shake hands with Olivia.  “Nice to meet you.  I’ll be sure my boss checks the submissions folder.”

“Great! Thanks!”

“J is around here somewhere,” Zoe said.  “He’s probably getting ready for a workout.  He wants to be a body builder professionally or something…He loves my employee family discounted memberships at the gym.  He’s not my brother, obviously, but I get him the discount anyway.”

Olivia smiled and nodded.  She was happy to meet all the guys, but was really hoping Sam was home.

07-15-16_7-22-22 PM

“Hey Babe,” a tall dark haired guy wearing jeans and flannel appeared from the back of the house.  “Who’s this?”

“Oh, hi Dean, this is my new friend Olivia.  She’s new in town.” She reached for a hug with one arm.

“Nice to meet ya!” Dean said.  Olivia could see the resemblance between Dean and Sam.

“Yeah, Gavin’s going to see about getting her that writer’s assistant job at Walrus Books.” Zoe said.

07-15-16_10-31-21 PM

“Good deal bro,” Dean nodded at Gavin.

“Olivia is going to stay overnight.  She’s brand new in town and short on cash for a hotel for the night.  She doesn’t seem like an ax murderer or anything so I figured hey! What’s one more just for the night?” Zoe said.

The guys laughed, apparently the space was becoming an issue here in the house.

07-15-16_10-34-10 PM

“Help yourself to anything tonight Olivia,” Mitchell called out from the kitchen.  He was eating some of the food Gavin had set out.

“Well, Zoe and I just ate, but if you could point me to the bathroom,” she looked at Zoe.

“Sure, it’s right around the corner from the front door.” Zoe said.

07-15-16_10-36-04 PM

Olivia was very glad she had thought to stop at the bus station and pick up her backpack on the way to Zoe’s house.  She had her toiletries and pajamas for the night.  She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth and combed through her thick auburn hair.

If Sam was here, she wanted to be in top shape.  Taking the extra time to gussy up really gave her the confidence she needed.

‘Gosh I hope he’s here!’ she thought as she returned to the living room.

As she turned the corner, she saw Sam walking out to the living room from the back study.

07-15-16_6-57-31 PM

The End Chapter 4

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    • Aww! Thanks for stopping by the Delaney’s! Yes, that house is super full of guys being guys! Poor Zoe! Haha.

      And yeah, I don’t actually reveal their last names, but I decided I wanted either Sam or Dean in my legacy. So while not Supernatural in anyway…I got my Winchesters. *grin*

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