G1 – Chapter 03 – Getting down to Business

Welcome back! When we left Olivia, she had made a new friend named Liberty Lee at the museum and also met a very handsome guy named Sam.  Olivia was inspired to write her first novel as a romance novel.

07-15-16_9-23-11 PM

Olivia didn’t have a home to go back to yet and thought getting some computer time would be a good start to finding a job, so she looked up the closest library on her phone where she would be able to use the internet for free.

07-15-16_10-08-39 PM

As it turned out, the nearest library was a town over in Willow Creek.  Olivia hailed a taxi and made her way to the library.  She also wanted to get her notes down for her romance novel while the ideas were fresh.

07-15-16_10-12-59 PM

As she was saving the notes for her romance to her cloud drive so she could access it later, Olivia decided to check the local Oasis Springs Walrus Books for job openings.  It turns out there was an entry level position for a writer’s assistant that was open.

07-15-16_10-10-31 PM

She forwarded a resume and letter of interest to the email address in the ad and seemed very pleased that not even a full day and she was already making progress on her career.

She left the library and continued to wander around the quaint town of Willow Creek checking out the local pubs and other buildings in town.

07-15-16_10-16-17 PM

She noticed the lights of the gym still on and decided to pop in.  ‘Who knows? They may have a free trial membership.  I certainly could use a shower!’ she thought.

07-15-16_8-22-00 PM

Olivia signed some safety and legal paperwork at the registration desk and looked around.  She was told they did indeed have a 7 day trial special right now and the application fee would be waived if she decided to join during this period.  She smiled and said she would certainly consider it and asked where the ladies locker room was.  The front desk person named Zoe directed her to the back of the gym.

07-15-16_8-25-10 PM

“Ladies are on the left, when you’ve changed I can give you a tour and show you how the equipment works!”

“Great! I’ll be back soon,” Olivia said.  She certainly couldn’t afford a gym membership at this time, but it couldn’t hurt to get a tour.  Also the idea of a shower after the long bus trip here would be welcome.

07-15-16_8-29-43 PM

“Great! Let’s get started!” Zoe began showing Olivia around the fitness club.  “These are the nautilus machines and you adjust them like this,” she pulled out one of the knobs and adjusted the number of the weight on the machine.”  Zoe jumped on to demonstrate the equipment.

07-15-16_8-30-40 PM

“Got it.  I’ll give that a try,” Olivia sat down on the machine and struggled.  “Maybe down one more, I have to work up to that!” she laughed and adjusted the machine.

07-15-16_8-34-52 PM

“Now, the treadmills are back there,” Zoe pointed to a wall of treadmills each with someone running on them.  “You can adjust the TV station with the remote on the little wall pocket.  Usually people keep it on whatever channel is on, but some people do change channels, no one really minds.  Don’t forget to clip the safety release onto your clothing.  If you fall, that will turn off the treadmill immediately.”

07-15-16_8-36-56 PM

“Now the free weights and boxing stuff is this way,” Zoe lead Olivia around to another room. “We also have spin classes upstairs and cardio fitness classes as well.”

“Great! Thanks Zoe for showing me around.  I’m new to Oasis Springs and it’s nice to have met you.”

“Well, I actually live in Oasis Springs.  I’m off in about 20 mins if you want to shower and change we can get a bite to eat and I can tell you all about our cute little town.  I’ve lived there for years!”

The End Chapter 3

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