G1 – Chapter 21 – Room for One More?

Olivia set the timer on her phone and waited for the results.

08-02-16_8-25-40 PM

She had been feeling really tired these last few weeks.  She suspected the truth when her period was late.  She was almost never late.  She was a day or two late once before early in her marriage to Sam when she was waiting to hear back from her boss, Landon Reed, about her promotion.  She was now five days late.  The timer sounded and she looked at the little stick.  Plus sign, plain as day.

08-02-16_8-58-23 PM08-02-16_8-22-50 PM08-02-16_8-23-34 PM

Sam would be ecstatic of course.

08-02-16_8-54-49 PM

She was happy wasn’t she?  Yes, of course she was.

08-02-16_9-01-38 PM

But things just really seemed to be settling into a comfortable normal around here.  Camryn was a teen, nearly a young lady.

08-02-16_9-27-12 PM

Caleb was growing up so fast.  He was nearly a teen himself.

08-02-16_9-29-25 PM

They fought occasionally, but Olivia knew they loved each other.

She and Sam were making great progress in their careers.  Camryn was able to keep an eye on Caleb occasionally if she and Sam wanted to go out for an evening.

08-02-16_8-30-56 PM

And what about the kids?  Camryn was likely to think her mom too old to be having another baby.

08-02-16_8-51-46 PM

She was nearly 40 now and was probably going to be considered a high risk pregnancy.  Caleb may like the idea of being a big brother.  Of course, there was the chance he may develop middle child syndrome and resent the new little one from taking his place as the baby of the family.

08-02-16_8-41-10 PM

Was Olivia really ready for sleepless nights, feedings at all hours of the day and night?  Was she ready once again for potty training and teaching to walk and talk.  What would that mean for her and Sam’s careers?  Another family leave and that would put her months behind in her progression plan she and Landon had worked out.

08-02-16_8-34-31 PM

There was a possible book tour coming up and after that she’d very likely be a best selling author!  If she were pregnant, or nursing a new baby that would leave out the book tour for another year minimum.  As a novelist though, Olivia could continue to work outlines and editing from home, but once she moved into a Fan Favorite author, the book tour and book store signings were going to be a real requirement.

She was even more concerned with Sam’s Pro Video gamer career though – he had to be in the shop watching the Live-streams and hearing the latest feedback and reviews from his coworkers.

08-02-16_9-20-42 PM

They analyzed hours of stream feeds to help Sam improve his game.  The guys that he worked with had their ear to the virtual ground.  He could do some work and practice of course from home, but the atmosphere with the guys at the office seemed to demand that he be present most days for work.  Sam loved it obviously.  He rarely had stressful days such was the life of a video gamer!  He’d even taken to wearing that stupid hat one of their newer developers had designed.  Solidarity was their thinking, all the guys on the team wore one.

As she continued to muse about how to tell Sam and the family.

08-02-16_8-20-36 PM

She was vaguely staring at the positive test stick, without warning, Olivia felt a little flutter deep inside near her navel.  ‘Oooh!’

08-02-16_9-02-45 PM

Her eyes flew open with surprise, then her face went soft.  ‘Hello to you too…’ she thought with a soft smile on her face.

08-02-16_8-59-43 PM

She gently rubbed her belly in a slow circle.  This had always been her favorite time.  That little space of time when she and the little one inside were the only ones aware of each other.  That little private time she relished before the rest of the family knew.

08-02-16_9-14-25 PM

“I cannot wait to meet you,” she whispered huskily.

A/N – This is also the end of Generation 1 – Camryn, Caleb and the Nooboo will be telling the next part of the story!  Caleb Delaney is the heir for Generation 2 as the first born male following the equality of gender succession law.  Olivia and Sam hope you enjoyed your time with them.

The End Chapter 21

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