G1 -Chapter 20- Growing Up

“Oh My Gawwd!!!  MOTHERRRR!” Camryn yelled from her room.

07-28-16_9-33-34 PM

“What!” Olivia shouted from her room as she rummaged through her drawer for a pair of socks without a hole in the toe. “My kingdom for socks!” she muttered as she went to find out why her teenage daughter’s hair was apparently on fire.

“Mother!  Caleb got into MY stuff again, just look at my makeup!  It’s everywhere!  And there is stuff in it!” Camryn wailed.

07-28-16_9-18-18 PM

Olivia  knew that Caleb was just lashing out as young boys his age are bound to do.  He’d not yet become a teen himself and was prone to play mean tricks on his sister.  “I’ll talk to him again,” Olivia promised.  “In the meantime, ask your Dad for his card and go to the Mall with your friends and get some new makeup.  This is ruined.” It appeared there were peanut butter and jelly in all the little pots, tubes, and compacts.  Caleb really had made a serious mess.

07-28-16_9-16-50 PM

“Awesome!” Camryn said sarcastically.  “That little creep deserves to be grounded for sure, and his allowance withheld too!  I’m sure you and Daddy will just talk to Caleb.  Like always,” Camryn blew her bangs out of her face exasperated.  “Mom, can I just use some of your makeup? I cannot possibly go out to the mall without something on my face.  I’m positively naked!” Camryn said dramatically.

Olivia nodded and watched her daughter flounce away to spend time applying the makeup with a practiced hand.

07-28-16_9-45-23 PM

“Don’t spend more than 60 Simoleans young lady,” Sam warned as he handed over his card.  “Or you’ll be working double shifts to cover it.  I mean it Cam.”

“Yeah, yeah, 60.  Got it Daddy.  Love you!” Camryn stepped onto tiptoes to kiss Sam’s cheek as she snatched the credit card.  He hugged her and frowned as she walked out.

07-28-16_9-48-40 PM

Olivia stood with her hand on Sam’s back watching through the window as Camryn headed out, phone in hand already talking to friends to arrange to meet up with them.

07-28-16_9-54-13 PM

“God, where is our little girl that drew pictures all day long and ran to us for story time?” Sam asked softly.  “Who invited this little adult type person with all this attitude into our home?”


“Hormones dear.  She’ll come back to us.  It happens to all of us,” Olivia said wisely.  “Remember how we’d play Space Monster with her at the park?

07-22-16_11-14-37 PM

Her and her friends loved that.  She used to even like Caleb to be around then.”

07-23-16_11-44-25 PM

“I remember tucking her in and sometimes she’d swear that monster was under her bed.  I’d be so exhausted from working all day and still trying to get some freelance work done in the evening.  ‘Daddy! Daddy!  The monster’s back!’

07-21-16_11-11-42 PM

She’d screech loud enough to wake the dead,” Sam chuckled.  “I was glad you made that vinegar and water spray so we could spray and then she’d finally sleep!”

07-21-16_11-12-31 PM

Olivia smiled warmly too, “I still remember her and I having those lunches with Zoe at the park too.

08-11-16_7-17-33 PM

That of course was after the breakup and Zoe didn’t come around here anymore,” Olivia’s mouth turned down a bit.

“Or Cam and I just laying in the grass and making shapes in the clouds.  I remember telling her that you and I used to do that long ago when we were dating.  She always wanted to do that then.  She told me she hoped she had a special husband someday like me and Mommy were so special.”

07-22-16_11-23-08 PM

Olivia sighed, “We really do have to talk to Caleb.  Honey, he ruined all of her makeup.  It’s just not getting any easier.  He’s so darn spiteful sometimes.  I think he’s jealous that she’s more grown up than he is.” Olivia said.  “Remember when she’d sing to him and tickle him when we first brought him home?”

07-23-16_12-03-06 AM

“Yes, I miss those times.  She was such a helpful big sister.” Sam said.

“Ah well, we’ll get through this.  We will have to talk to Caleb.  Sooner rather than later.” Olivia said with a sigh.

The End Chapter 20

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