G1 – Chapter 02 – Meeting New People

Welcome back! When we left Olivia she had found herself on a barren plot of desert land and had decided to explore the town of Oasis Springs.

07-15-16_6-41-35 PM

Olivia made her way back to the bus station and popped some change in a locker to store her backpack.  She walked over to the museum, having decided to start there and see what Oasis Springs culture and history was all about.  She ran into a woman who had great taste in pants and a hat and introduced herself.

07-15-16_9-38-44 PM

“Hi, I’m Olivia Delaney and I’m new in town.”

“I’m Liberty Lee, nice to meet you Olivia!  Welcome to Oasis Springs!”

Olivia chuckled and gestured to Liberty’s pants.  “Old Navy?”

Liberty nodded and grinned back.  Olivia could tell they had at least their fashion sense in common.

07-15-16_7-40-30 PM

The ladies walked inside the museum and began chatting.  They spent the next few hours chatting about the art and history in the museum as well as fashion and Olivia’s move to Oasis Springs and their careers.

“I’m in the space program,” Liberty said.

07-15-16_7-38-03 PM

“I’m going to become a writer.  I don’t need to be the next James Patterson or JK Rowling, but I do want to have my books on the Bridgeport Times Best Seller list.  That would be a dream come true.”

“I cannot wait to travel into spac…” Liberty was cut off by Olivia grabbing her arm.
“Oh my gosh…who is that?” Olivia looked as a tall, muscular, dark haired man was walking through the museum doors.

07-15-16_9-23-11 PM

He had a rugged look, and he was wearing workboots and a flannel shirt with dusty jeans.  Not exactly the type of guy you’d find in a museum.

“Mmmm yummy.  I don’t know.  Oasis Springs isn’t a big town, but I don’t know everyone.  He could be new here like you.”

Olivia, being the outgoing type didn’t hesitate to walk up to the handsome stranger and introduce herself.

“I’m Olivia and new in town.  Nice to meet you,” she stretched out her hand.

07-15-16_9-27-07 PM

“Well hi there Olivia.  I’m Sam.  As a matter of fact, I’m new’ish myself to Oasis Springs,” when Sam smiled, a little dimple appeared in the center of his chin.  “I’ve been here a few weeks now.”

Liberty came over to stand near them and stretched out her hand, “I’m Liberty!  Nice to meet you too!”

The three spent the next hour or so chatting and discussing what had brought Olivia and Sam to Oasis Springs.

As it turned out Sam’s brother had moved here a few years ago and was living with his girlfriend and several roommates.  Sam was crashing on their couch for now until he could get himself setup with a job and get established here.

07-15-16_9-55-08 PM2

“The house is really packed.  My brother , Zoe, and me along with three other guys!  It’s crazy there at times.

The rent is so high here in Oasis Springs, they really cannot afford to live where they do without the extra roommates.”

Olivia nodded and Liberty chimed in, “I have a spare room if you get tired of the couch!” Olivia wanted to elbow her in the ribs!

“Well, I’ll certainly keep that in mind.  Nice meeting you ladies, I really should get outta here.”  Sam waved and smiled and walked out of the museum.

“There goes the future father of my children,” Olivia mused with a dreamy grin on her face.

“Nuh uh!! I saw him first!” Liberty laughed.

“You did not!! You were blathering on about going into space when he walked in here! I can almost see it like the scene in a movie.  Sam walking in slow motion, his dark hair blowing as the museum doors opened…”

07-15-16_9-23-11 PM2

Olivia was picturing the scene as if she were writing it for her next book.  “I think my first book may be a romance.”

“Oooh, if he’s the hunky love interest, I’ll buy a copy for sure!” Liberty said.  Olivia laughed and couldn’t help but picture herself in the place of the female lead.

07-15-16_10-06-13 PM

“Well, this has been a great afternoon Liberty, I’m so glad we met.  Give me your number and we’ll chat soon!”

The End Chapter 2

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14 thoughts on “G1 – Chapter 02 – Meeting New People

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  2. Hahaha, so funny they bonded over wearing the same pair of pants!

    Don’t worry Olivia, you don’t want to be the next Patterson anyway… he’s a huge joke inner-office joke amongst librarians. ^_^;;

    Love that repeated shot of Sam walking through the door in sepia for “dramatic effect”!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha! Yeah, a bit of “what happened in game” I seriously took Olivia over to the museum where I saw Liberty standing there and was like, “WHAT? Same exact pants and she’s wearing a hat too? Ok, what can I do with this?!” Haha, thanks for the comments on my screenshots too – I just pictured a movie having the slow mo scene there when she’s picturing the entrance. Thanks for commenting!


    • Awwww, Liberty – /mourn Olivia never did call her afterall. But yes, Sam walking in hair blowing back…long legs. Mmmm Haha. Yep. Our boy knows how to make an entrance. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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