G1 – Chapter 19 -Siblings

Caleb walked over to the activity table and pushed Camryn off the chair.

07-28-16_7-58-58 PM

“Caleb!  Don’t!” Camryn cried out.  “Momma!  Caleb pushed me off my activity table and I was here first!”

“Caleb Dean, come here.  Did you push your sister off the chair?”

07-28-16_8-09-04 PM

Caleb looked at his feet and shuffled them a bit.  “Didn’t mean to really,” he mumbled.

Olivia took her son’s chin and made him look her in the eye. “You didn’t mean to.  Well, then how did it happen?”

“Well, Momma, I wanted a turn and she was there, and I didn’t really mean to push her, but I …” he trailed off.

“But you did anyway?” she finished for him.  “That’s bad behavior.  Now, march over there and apologize, then go sit on the kitchen chair for 15 mins.”

Caleb shuffled over to where Camryn was and mumbled an apology, “Sorry Cam.”

07-28-16_8-11-33 PM

“It’s ok Caleb,” Camryn didn’t particularly sound as if it really were ok, but that’s what you were supposed to say.

Camryn continued to draw.  When Olivia wasn’t looking she stuck her tongue out at Caleb.

07-28-16_8-17-27 PM

While waiting for the timer to ding on Caleb’s 15 minute time out, Olivia called Zoe.  “Hey, Zoe, it’s me.  Why don’t you meet us at the park if you have time.  These kids need to burn off some energy they aren’t getting enough exercise.” Olivia chuckled into the phone.  “Ok, great, see you there hon.”

07-28-16_8-19-16 PM


“Then my Daddy got out the spray and the monster shrunk back!” Camryn excitedly told her friends at the park.

07-28-16_8-29-30 PM

“Wow, your Dad is brave,” Jayce stared at Camryn.

“I know, he’s the bravest in the world!”

“I tried to talk to the monster once,” Caleb interrupted.  “He didn’t want to talk back though.  Maybe someday he’ll talk to me though.”

Jayce looked at Caleb as if he couldn’t believe it.  “You tried to talk to it?  What are you crazy?”  He looked at Camryn for confirmation.

“I’ve heard him in his room asking questions, so maybe he does,” Camryn secretly thought her brother was a bit brave too, that monster was scary!

Camryn ran over to where Olivia and Zoe were chatting on the park bench, “Momma, can me and Caleb have some candy?”

“It’s ‘Caleb and I’, and no, you may not.  You’ll spoil your lunch.  You can have the treat Auntie Zoe brought you after we have lunch.” Olivia said and turned back to her conversation with Zoe.

Camryn ran back to the boys and told Caleb about the treat.

“Oooh boy! I hope it’s cupcakes!” he said excitedly.

07-28-16_8-30-39 PM


That night Sam was playing chess with Caleb.  “That’s a good move son.”

Caleb smiled.

“Your Mom told me about you pushing Cam off that chair today,” Sam began.

07-28-16_8-36-21 PM

“I said I was sorry Daddy,” Caleb pouted.

“Yep, she told me that too.  What I don’t understand though is why did you think it was ok to push her off the chair?”

“I didn’t really think too hard about it.  She was there and I sorta thought I wanted to be there instead of her,” Caleb said.

“Did you think of asking her?”

07-28-16_8-38-36 PM


“Well, Son, next time I want you to ask before you just push, or take, or grab.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good, now get ready for bed Son.  I love you,”

07-28-16_8-39-23 PM

“Love you too Daddy.”  Caleb made his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth and turned around, “Daddy, you’re the bravest Dad in the neighborhood.  All the kids think so.”

07-28-16_8-44-24 PM

Then he turned on his heel and went into the bathroom.

Later Sam chuckled to Olivia, “…and then he said all the kids think that I’m the bravest.”

Olivia snuggled closer to her husband and smiled, “My hero…”

07-28-16_8-46-58 PM

The End Chapter 19

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