G1 – Chapter 14 – Addition?

The couple’s new place was cozy but it didn’t allow for a lot of frills.  Moving in day had actually been pretty easy considering they only had a few possessions.  Olivia’s job had loaned her a computer now that she had electricity.  This way she could keep up with up to the minute blogging.  She had indeed received that promotion to blogger when Gavin went to work at the Willow Creek branch.  Olivia loved her new job.  The computer was also great for Sam with furthering his programming career.

“Olivia, I think we need a bit more furniture,” Sam said.


“Sure Hon, we can see what will fit and possibly stop by the consignment shop after work and see if they have any thing we can use.”

“Oh, I was also thinking about dinner tonight.  Maybe go out with Dean and Zoe?  Maybe that new steak house that opened up?”


Olivia laughed, “Honestly as wonderful as that would be, I think burgers on the grill are a bit better for our budget right now.  Besides, you know your brother isn’t going to want to put on a tie to go to a fancy place.  He prefers his jeans and boots.  A cook-out at the park will be just his thing.”


“Ok, you’re right, I’ll text him later. Why don’t you call Zoe and let her in on the plan?”

Olivia agreed and kissed Sam goodbye as he was leaving for work.

“Hey Zoe, we’re going to have a little picnic at the park to celebrate our new house!” Olivia got a thrill saying our house.

“Awesome! Want me to invite the guys too?”

“Absolutely.  Sam gets off work around 6 so we’ll head over then.  See you there!”

As Olivia hung up, she suddenly felt nauseous and ran for the bathroom.  “Must have been a spoiled yogurt,” she thought rinsing her mouth.


Later that evening the gang was all at the park.  The guys were having some drinks and the girls were chatting about work and the new house.

“I never thought I’d say it, but I miss Sam around a teeny bit,” Zoe said with a laugh.  “He always made sure the computer had the latest anti-virus stuff on it!”

“Hey! I can still stop over and keep your PC in shape!” Sam chimed into the conversation.  “We still live in the same town.”

07-15-16_9-08-15 PM2

As the friends were sitting around, one of Mitchell’s coworkers at the restaurant waved and sat down with them.

“Hey Lucy, you remember everyone!” Mitchell said.

“Sure.  Hey guys!”

Everyone greeted Lucy and offered her food and drinks.  “We’re celebrating Olivia and Sam’s new house,” Mitchell said.

“Oh, already starting making babies huh?” Lucy grinned knowingly.


Olivia couldn’t believe what she heard!  “Excuse me?  I am not pregnant.”

“Ooops, sorry than Girl…you must have just filled out a bit then since the last time you were at the restaurant.” Lucy replied with a smirk.

“What is wrong with you!” Olivia stood up.  “You certainly seem to get a kick out of insulting people.”


“Well, I said I’m sorry,” Lucy said. “You know,  I’ll just leave.  Hey, see you at work Mitchell.  Nice to see everyone.”

Olivia sat back down seething.  “Well, there goes my party spirit.”

“Nah, don’t Lucy get you down ‘Liv,” Zoe said comfortingly. “She certainly can be mean sometimes.  Hey, I have off tomorrow, come to my house tomorrow and we’ll do make overs.  It will cheer you right up!”


Later that evening, Olivia felt nauseous again.  Lucy’s comments were weighing on her mind.  She went out while Sam was studying his new programming language book and purchased a pregnancy test.

She hid the test under her jacket as she went to the bathroom.  She needn’t have bothered trying to be discreet.  Sam was such a bookworm, he was muttering to himself about the different scripts in the programming book.

She sat down to pee and waited impatiently for the results.

A distinct + sign showed up in the window.


Olivia didn’t know what to think.  She was thrilled.  But the couple barely had enough money for the small one room studio they currently had.  A baby would mean remodeling to have a room for the crib.  She slowly took a shower and put on one of Sam’s shirts and then went out to tell him the news.

“Hey Sam, can we talk for a sec hon,” Olivia began.

“Sure Babe, what’s up?” he bent a page of his book and closed it.

“Well, remember that incredibly rude girl at the park, Lucy?  Well, yeah, ummm…”

“‘Liv, don’t let her bring you down, you’re gorgeous hon.”

“Well, here’s the thing Sam, Lucy was mean, but she was actually right,” Olivia took a deep breath and the next part came out really fast. “I went to the drug store and got a pregnancy test and it’s positive….” she held her breath waiting for his reaction.

07-16-16_11-43-22 PM

Sam jumped off the bed and spun Olivia around.  “What! ‘Liv that’s so exciting!  Parents!  Can I feel him yet?”

Relief flooded through Olivia, “You can try love,” she said while placing his hands on her belly that was just starting to grow.


“I cannot wait to tell Dean he’s going to be an uncle.  Olivia, you are going to be a wonderful mom!  I love you so much.”

“You’re not worried about the financial part hon?”

“Not right now, I just want to bask in the joy of becoming a Dad.”


The End Chapter 14

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