G1 – Chapter 13 -Our Little Piece of the World

“Sam, I have a meeting with the contractors again today.  I know we have a tight budget, but I’d love to try and at least get some pretty windows at the front.”  It had been nearly a month since Olivia and Sam had revealed their innermost feelings to one another at the museum.07-16-16_7-38-49 PM

Everything was going to plan.  Sam still disliked roughing it, but he was a good guy so he didn’t complain.  He also loved waking up next to Olivia each morning.  He still spent the occasional night at the Roomies place, but it was getting less frequent.

Sam was working diligently on getting another promotion at his company.  He was making more money and the couple was saving every simolean for the new house.

“Absolutely ‘Liv,” he replied absently while rummaging through the cooler for a yogurt he liked.  “Just let me know the cost.  Dean was great about the small loan, but we don’t have too much wiggle in the budget.”

Olivia stood on tip toes to kiss him, “I know Babe, I’ll keep the budget in check.  Let’s get over to the gym or we could be late for work.”


Sam was a confident, self assured guy, but he couldn’t help but notice the extra attention Angel paid to Olivia.  He didn’t want to make anything of it, but he especially didn’t like the attention Angel paid to Olivia’s backside when she was on the treadmill.

07-16-16_10-02-27 PM

Sam couldn’t wait for the house to be done so they didn’t have to come to the gym every day to get showered before work.


With daily checks on the progress near the end of the build, Olivia was getting very concerned about the budget.  She considered calling her parents and asking for a bit more money to get everything finalized.

“Babe, I think appliances may have to wait until we save up a bit more.  The contractor was talking to me about the price kitchen appliances.  It was outrageous and would really eat into the last few simoleans we have.”  Olivia had the figures in hand showing them to Sam.

Eat into the simoleans?” Sam laughed at her pun.  “Well, I suppose a bit longer with the cold cereal and granola won’t kill us huh?” Sam agreed with a slight down turn of his mouth.  “I swear though, once we get a refrigerator it will be a long time before I eat yogurt again!”

Everything finally came together and Olivia and Sam were handed the keys to their own little home.

07-16-16_11-14-51 PM

It really wasn’t much more than a box with four walls and a roof, but it was connected to the city power, water and sewage.  No more showers at the gym.  No more late night trips to the bushes to empty their bladder.  The tent was packed up and stored for it’s intended purpose.  Future vacations!

“I can start planting a few fruits and veggies over here, I can see shrubs and flowers out front!” Olivia took Sam by the hand and spun around.

Sam took Olivia in his arms and kissed her deeply.  “We’re home my love!”


That night the couple expressed their love for one another in their very own little home.  Whatever the reason, be it the new house, their new bed together, or just their ability to move more freely…the woohoo was extraordinary.

07-16-16_11-30-27 PM

The end Chapter 13

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