G1 – Chapter 11 – All of Me

“I just don’t know Zoe.  We’ve been dating for a few months now.  How long did you wait with Dean?” Olivia asked her friend while they were working out.  (Zoe did end up getting Olivia the family discount!)


“Ummm like a week?” Zoe laughed.  “Just do it already, Sam’s already taking so many cold showers he’s turning into a jelly fish!”

“Well, I want it to be special…and romantic.” Olivia’s eyes got a soft romantic look to them.

“Hopeless romantic aren’t you my friend.”

Olivia ignored her.


“Sam mentioned once about not having been camping in a long time.  He’s been over to my property but we always just go out from there.  I think I’ll invite him over for some camping.”


Sam came over that evening and brought a bucket of champagne.  Olivia wondered if Zoe had mentioned something to Dean…and perhaps Dean mentioned something to Sam.

The couple spent some time talking and flirting as they usually did.

07-16-16_10-36-39 PM.jpg

Olivia handed Sam another glass of champagne and stepped in close.

“Sam, I know we’ve been dating for a few months now.  We’ve also taken things very slow.  I am ready to take the next step in our relationship.  Sam, I want you …”


Sam kissed her thoroughly and then followed her inside.




The next morning Sam and Olivia sat together on her property not really knowing what to say.  It wasn’t exactly awkward, but it wasn’t as comfortable as they had been in recent weeks.

07-16-16_7-38-49 PM

“So…yeah, I have to get going soon.  I’ll need to get a shower before heading to work.” Sam said.

“Oh yeah, I know…I’m going to go work out then I’ll shower at the gym and head to work.”

“Ok, see you later then.”


“I’m telling you Zoe, it was weird.” Olivia said to her friend at the gym.


“Well, I can sorta see why ‘Liv, it’s not like you’re roughing it out in the woods for a vacation.  You live in a tent full time for heaven’s sake!”

“Well, yeah, but that’s how it’s been since the start really.  Why has it changed now?  Oh god, you don’t think he thinks he’s too good for me do you you?  Like because I don’t have an actual home with showers and stuff … I thought Sam was better than that.”

“I don’t know what to say ‘Liv, honestly I wouldn’t want to get seriously involved with someone who didn’t have plumbing.  Maybe consider moving in with us?”

07-15-16_9-55-08 PM2

“I cannot do that Zoe.  You and Dean are trying to get out of the roommate situation, not add an additional person!  I’ll just have to talk to Sam and find out exactly what was up this morning.”

Olivia waved absently at Angel as he walked past the two girls.  Angel smiled in return.

“You’ve made quite a bit of progress since our first workout Olivia!”

“All thanks to you Angel! You’re a great teacher.” Olivia laughed.

Olivia was already starting to plan the conversation with Sam while she showered and got dressed for work.


The End Chapter 11

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