G1 – Chapter 10 – This Kiss

Olivia had the day off from Walrus books and met Zoe outside the gym before Zoe had to be to work.

“Ack!! Sam asked me to be his girlfriend last night!” Olivia couldn’t contain herself.

07-16-16_7-47-38 PM

“O. M. G!!” Zoe hugged her friend.

“I know! I’m so happy right now.  I have a great job, great friends, and now a smart, funny, and handsome boyfriend too!  I love Oasis Springs!”

“I’m so excited! Just think, one day we could be sisters-in-law!”

“Selfie!” Olivia shouted and pulled Zoe close.

07-16-16_7-45-53 PM


Sam and Olivia spent the next several months dating and getting to know each other.  Time passed quickly while the two fell deeply in love.  They each continued to progress in their careers, while spending nearly all their free time together.

They were together almost constantly.


They worked out together.



Had lunch at the park on weekends.

07-16-16_10-09-21 PM

Hung out together reading.


Studied together to advance in their careers.

07-16-16_10-21-42 PM

They discussed all manner of things including finances and future plans. No topics were off limits.


They spent time at Sam’s house just being together and learning all their was to know about each other.


Even though their taste in TV programs didn’t always match, they could agree on one thing.


They were hopelessly in love.


And of course, there was lots and LOTS more kissing.




The End Chapter 10

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