Generation 1 – Olivia Delaney (Founder)

07-15-16_6-41-35 PM

Meet Olivia Delaney.  Olivia was born and raised in Sunset Valley in the United States.  She was raised by middle class parents and rarely wanted for anything.  Her parents raised her with a strong sense of value and imagination.

While web surfing a realtor site one day, she found a great deal in an online brochure for a fantastic opportunity for land in the developing town of Oasis Springs.

She decided to spend the very large sum of simoleans on this real estate venture because land and property were a sound investment!  What she wasn’t prepared for was the barren field that awaited her in Oasis Springs!

Olivia’s Aspiration is: Big Happy Family

Olivia’s Traits are:

  • Romantic
  • Family Orientated
  • Outgoing

Olivia knows that her future starts now.

On to Chapter 1


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