G02: 04 – Really Need a Friend

“Where are you going son?” Sam asked as Caleb approached the door.

“Just for a walk Dad.”

“Don’t be late, Sim Ninja Warriors city finals are on tonight!”  Sam said with a bit of a distracted air about him.

08-14-16_4-06-36 PM

Caleb figured his Mom had already told his Dad about Camryn.  “Sure Dad,” Caleb tried to fake a bit of enthusiasm.  He could hear his mom pacing in her bedroom soothing Carter as she walked.

Caleb walked to the park and across to a bench where a girl was already sitting.

08-11-16_10-08-08 PM

“Hey cutie,” she smiled playfully as he sat next to her.

08-11-16_10-11-00 PM

“Hey Teagan,” Caleb mumbled a bit.  She was always joking around calling him handsome or cutie.  She was so fun and they’d become good friends in the few years she’d lived here.  She was always there when he needed to talk.  He was there for her too.  She’d had a hard time last year when her Dad and Mom split up.  He’d been there almost every evening for her during that time.  They joked this was their worry bench.

“Dude, what is going on?  You are really down huh?” she stopped joking and looked genuinely concerned.

08-11-16_10-19-59 PM

“My Aunt…well, I guess not technically my Aunt, but my Mom’s long time friend…”

“Caleb, spit it out, I don’t need to know who’s married to who’s second cousin family tree bullshit.” she laughed.

08-11-16_10-10-32 PM

“Ok, well, my Mom’s best friend came by and well, I shouldn’t have been listening but I was curious since Zoe never comes to our house.  Like ever.  Mom always goes over to her place, or they meet out.  So it had to be serious for her to stop by.”

Teagan nodded and pulled Caleb close in an awkward one armed hug for comfort.  He momentarily noted how nice it felt with her arm around him.

08-11-16_10-16-21 PM

Caleb proceeded to tell Teagan everything that he’d heard in the conversation at his house.

“Simtermine?  You sure about that?” Teagan looked shocked.

“Yeah, why?  Heard of it?”

“Yeah, I know someone at school who knows someone who sells it.  Bad news that drug.  I think it makes you have a bunch of energy.  Could be how she’s working out for hours at a time.  I think it’s supposed to like, get you hooked or something too.”

08-11-16_10-24-05 PM

“Oh god…what are we going to do?” Caleb sounded so helpless.  “My sister is kinda cool you know?  Not that I’d ever actually tell her that.  But she is cool.  She likes sports, she’s a great cook…” he trailed off.

Teagan stood up and pulled him into a hug.

08-11-16_10-26-22 PM

“She’s lucky to have a brother who cares so much.  Your mom and dad will talk to her.  They’ll know what to do.”

“Thanks Teagan, I better go, I’ll see you at school.”

“Yep, see ya Cutie.  Don’t forget that algebra test tomorrow.”

08-11-16_10-28-37 PM

“Shit, forgot about that!  Thanks for the reminder.  You’re such a good friend.”

08-11-16_10-34-29 PM

“Sure, sure, anytime buddy,” Teagan said and smiled brightly, until he turned and walked away.

08-11-16_10-31-59 PM

Caleb was thinking about Camryn and her problem as he walked back home, but he couldn’t help but remember how nice Teagan smelled or how warm she was as she hugged him.

08-11-16_10-40-12 PM

The End G02: 04

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