G02: 02 – Secrets

“That’s good, now cross right, but keep your wrist straight,” Camryn’s trainer said.  “Good, ok, that’s it, hit the shower,” he smiled at her.  She was a good student.

07-31-16_12-51-09 PM

“I’ll run for a bit I think, sort of a cool down.” Camryn nodded toward the treadmill.

“Ok go ahead, but don’t overwork those muscles walk or slow jog only.  We did a lot earlier with the weights machines.  Cool down for 10 – 12 minutes.  No more.”

“Got it coach,” Camryn smiled.

07-31-16_12-56-35 PM


Zoe caught up to Camryn as she got out of the shower and was getting dressed in the locker room.  “Good work out hon?”

“Yep, just changing and heading home Aunt Zoe.”

Zoe hugged Camryn.  “Want a lift home?”

07-31-16_1-13-45 PM

“Nah, I need to stop at the restaurant and pick up my paycheck.  I’ll just walk, it’s not far, I’ll get a lift home from one of the girls there.”

“Ok then, say hi to your Mom for me.  Tell her we’ll all go to the Spa again next weekend.”

07-31-16_1-07-37 PM

“Ok see you then!”  Camryn waved goodbye and headed out of the gym into the night air.


“You have the cash?” A dark voice dressed all in black asked.

07-31-16_1-25-37 PM

“Yep, all here, you can count it.”

“Nah, I know where you go to school, and where you work for that matter,” The guy barked a laugh.  He took the money and handed a small pill bottle to Camryn.


Camryn opened the package and dry swallowed one of the tablets.  She closed her eyes a moment and let the feeling wash over her.  She felt alive and energized.

07-31-16_1-29-28 PM

She let out a short laugh and broke into a jog.  She felt incredible.

07-31-16_1-31-23 PM


“Hi honey!” Olivia said as Camryn unlocked the door.  “How was work?”

07-31-16_1-37-04 PM

“Work?  Oh, fine,” Camryn answered hastily. “Hey, I’m going to shower and do some homework.  I still smell like fries.”

“Ok, love you.”

“Love you too Mom.  See you in the morning.”  Camryn made her way up to her room and sat down on the bed.

07-31-16_1-45-31 PM

The energized feeling was wearing off now after that run home.  She dragged herself up and got in the shower.  She caught her reflection in the mirror and quickly turned away.

07-31-16_1-47-11 PM

Later, she tried to concentrate a bit on her homework, but felt herself drifting off.  She was so exhausted.


Later that night, after the family was all asleep, Camryn quietly made her way down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed the pancakes from the platter in the fridge.

She took them all up to her room and sat with her eyes glazed over, almost trance like, she proceeded to eat them all in tiny almost ritual type bites.

07-31-16_2-00-30 PM

When she couldn’t stuff another bite in, she ran to the bathroom and heaved into the toilet.

07-31-16_2-19-07 PM

“You’re disgusting, you’re fat, you’re horrible, you have no self control.  You will never make it in life and no-one is ever going to want you,” she whispered angrily to her reflection.

07-31-16_2-03-30 PM

The End G02: 02

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4 thoughts on “G02: 02 – Secrets

    • Told ya it was going to start taking a sharp turn. Cam has some things to figure out for sure. There is a small time jump coming on Sunday’s chapter. Just to prepare you.
      As always, thanks so much for reading!

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