G02: 01 – Breakfast

Camryn woke up to the sun streaming in her window. She sat on the edge of the bed and felt her muscles aching.

07-29-16_6-11-07 PM

“I guess I worked a bit too hard yesterday at the gym,” she thought. She dressed quickly for school and went down to the kitchen and began making breakfast for her family.

She loved to cook, it’s the only reason she worked slinging fries at that crappy restaurant. It was the one job where she could actually prepare food.  At least to a limited degree.

07-29-16_6-15-03 PM

She poured the pancakes into the pan and tried to create shapes for Caleb. He liked the ones with the ears most. She also added a few gummy bears to his.

07-29-16_6-14-33 PM

Then she added fresh strawberries from her mother’s garden to her Dad’s pancakes and added a small amount of grated carrot to her Mother’s.

Olivia was always bringing in more fruits and vegetables. Salads were often a meal in the Delaney house. Camryn much preferred comfort foods. Burgers, grilled sandwiches, mac & cheese. She always felt guilty after eating them though.

Camryn finished off the pancakes and set them on plates, stacking all the extras on a big serving platter.

“Mmmmm morning sweetie! They smell great!” Sam said as he sat down at the table. He smelled fresh from the shower and his hair was still damp near his collar.

07-29-16_6-17-29 PM

“Thanks Daddy,”

“Your mother will be right out, she’s having some trouble again with morning sickness today.”

“I hope she’s able to eat. I put carrots in again like she asked, her cravings are weird!”

Camryn smiled at Sam. Sam poured syrup over the pancakes and dug in mumbling something with his mouth full.

Caleb came bounding out of his room and threw himself into his chair. “Morning chubs!” he snickered.

07-29-16_6-23-25 PM

“Caleb Dean!” Sam shouted.

“Ugh, your so mean brat!” Camryn rolled her eyes.

“Apologize this instant and don’t ever let me catch you saying that again!” Sam’s neck and face were turning red.

“I’m sorry Camryn,” Caleb said looking at his plate.

“Sure sure…I’m used to it,” Camryn muttered and doled out the pancakes she’d made special for Caleb. He was always so hurtful to her. She didn’t understand why she bothered going out of her way to try making his favorite dishes.

“What’s going on?” Olivia asked when she finally came out of her bedroom.

07-29-16_6-29-27 PM

“We don’t need to repeat it, but Caleb was apologizing for being mean to Camryn.” Sam quickly explained.

Olivia sighed, “Caleb. We’ve talked about thinking about what you say before it comes out. What was it that I asked you to ask yourself?”

07-29-16_6-30-20 PM

Caleb’s eyes went up and to the left and he stuck his tongue out thinking. “You said, for me to ask myself, ‘Is this necessary? Is this kind?’ and if they both aren’t yes, I’m supposed to not say the thing.”

07-29-16_6-31-26 PM

“So, did you stop and think before you insulted your sister?” Sam asked?

“Nope, it just blurted out,” Caleb replied stuffing in a mouthful of pancake.

“Caleb, you are grounded the rest of this week,” Olivia stated, having lost her patience.

“Moooommmmaaaa!” Caleb whined. “This Friday is Jayce’s sleepover. All the kids will be there! We’re supposed to sleep in the yard in a tent and everything!”

07-29-16_6-33-23 PM

“Well, perhaps when you have to tell Jayce you cannot come, and hear about all the fun the boys had while you weren’t there, maybe that will teach you to be more nice when you speak.”

Caleb pushed his plate away in a huff and ran to get his backpack. The bus was honking.

07-29-16_6-34-10 PM

“Camryn! You didn’t eat honey!” Olivia called as Cam headed out the door.

07-29-16_6-44-25 PM

“I’ll eat at school,” Camryn called back. Olivia looked at the platter full of pancakes and wrapped them up and put them in the refrigerator.

07-29-16_6-46-23 PM

She noticed that the bowl of mac and cheese was missing that had been there last night after dinner.

The End G02: 01

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