Big weekend and a lot of new chapters!

cshanerAvijpgWelcome back to The Delaney Family Legacy!  I have a large update today as I did quite a bit of writing and screen-shotting (is that a word?) over the weekend!  I’m actually up to chapter 13 in my drafts and will likely finish up to chapter 15 today.

I also changed my avatar on the site for my Author’s comments.  This one looks a bit closer to the real me.

The story has taken a bit more of a slow start than I had imagined, however I really wanted to take the time to explore these characters and try to demonstrate their thoughts, motivations and emotions.  My original thought for each generation would be around 10 chapters.  However, it’s looking more like probably 20 for generation 1.

So, please enjoy getting to know Olivia and what she’s done so far in Oasis Springs!

G1 – Chapter 2 – Meeting New People – Olivia explores her new town a bit and meets a few new people!

TitleCh2 - 07-15-16_9-38-44 PM

G1 – Chapter 3 – Getting down to Business – Olivia gets started on looking for a career and meets someone who may end up being her BFF!


G1 – Chapter 4 – Such a Small World! – Olivia takes Zoe up on her offer to stay overnight.  She gets to meet Zoe’s boyfriend and her other roommates.


G1 – Chapter 5 – Funny Seeing You Again so Soon! – Olivia gets to see Sam again and has a great first night in Oasis Springs making new friends and learning a lot about sports!


Until next time!  Enjoy getting to know our founder Olivia Delaney and her friends!

*As always – constructive feedback is always welcome, I do moderate all comments though so it may take a bit of time for your comment to display.  As a note, if you would like your legacy included in my links leave that along with your feedback.


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