G1 – Chapter 1 – Not as Advertised

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Olivia Delaney looked out across the broad expanse of land and wondered not for the first time, what would possess her to move to Oasis Springs with nothing more than some clothes in a backpack and the deed to what turned out to be a barren field in her hand.

Sure the brochure on the realtor website made it sound as if this were heaven on earth, but looking around at the arid land, the cactus and brush, she couldn’t help but think this may have been a mistake.  Never again would she search for property online and purchase sight unseen.  She had left her family, a few friends, and menial job she’d had to become sole owner of a big plot of land in this up and coming desert town.


Olivia had come from Sunset Valley, a long way from here.  She was certain her writing was finally going to take off and she would be a famous author.  She would be on the Bridgeport Times Best Sellers list and all of her dreams would come true.

In her heart though, Olivia knew what she wanted most was to have a large and loving family.  She wanted a husband who cherished her and knew her soul as she would know his.  She wanted lovely babies to snuggle and nurture and help along their way to becoming wonderful adults and contributors to society.  She wanted a cozy home where she and her husband could grow old together and sit on their front porch and drink lemonade and reminisce about their lives together.

Yes, she wanted to leave a permanent mark on the world with her writing, but what she wanted even more was to leave a lasting legacy for generations of Delaney’s to come.  Oasis Springs was her fresh start to this journey and as the old saying went, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” That step was today and was beginning right now.

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Olivia looked over to the edge of the property where she had shaken off her backpack that had a few books, some toiletries, and a change of clothes in it.  She pulled out her mobile phone and rang her parents.

07-15-16_6-39-29 PM

“Hi Mom!  Yeah…I just arrived.  You’re not going to believe this, but it’s a big dusty field.  I know, it’s enormous and there is nothing at all on it but a mailbox!  Talk about false advertising!  It’s really beautiful here, as crazy as this sounds, I think I’m going to attempt to make a go of it here.”

She paused while her Mom tried to talk her into coming home, there was a mention of lawsuit for the real-estate false advertisement and how Olivia could be on a plane back home tonight, and her parents would wire her the money.  Finally Olivia interrupted without responding to any of her Mom’s statements.

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“Listen Mom, I spent nearly every dime I had to purchase this land and the trip out here to Oasis Springs.  I won’t have enough money for anything for a while and you know I’m determined to do this on my own, as much as I can.  Could you please ask Daddy if I can borrow the camping gear for a bit?  Send it out Fed Ex please overnight.  I’ll need the cooler and the smaller tent.  Awesome! Thanks Mom, I’ll pay you back for the shipping costs when I get settled.  Love you too.  Bye!”

The sun was beating down on her shoulders and already she was missing the cool shade of her parent’s oak trees in the backyard and the hammock that was tied between them.

“Ah well, I cannot do anything here until that equipment arrives tomorrow,” she said out loud to herself.  “May as well explore the town a bit.”


Chapter 2 – coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “G1 – Chapter 1 – Not as Advertised

  1. Love the start! Then again I love seeing all the different ways Legacies can start. And buying bogus land in Oasis Springs is new one to me. I hope she can leave her mark, both on the writing world AND on Oasis Springs!

    Love the tent picture and request!


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Yeah, I wanted the tent and cooler to be in the first chapter and figured the old family photo idea was a neat one! Chapters will be put up most likely weekly and I’ve already got 4 more in drafts waiting to be posted! Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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